Icy paths.

Icy paths make icy maths
Calculating futures for generations
Left or right, arabesque bouldersi
The #1 rule of investing: survive.

Star topology dominatesii
Dictates values of domus and dynastyiii
Gilded spoils turn poison arrows
Target: roots and tradition.

Tradition isn’t orthodoxy, it’s orthopraxy
Orthopraxy isn’t posting, it’s sacrificing
Sacrificing isn’t burning, it’s glory before G-d
Glory before G-d is.

So we find out little circles of agencyiv
And ask for the wisdom to know the difference.v


  1. To quote the late great MP:

    mircea_popescu: in a normal society, the threat is a fundamental tool to hierarchy building. the socialist state does not want a normally functioning society, but instead this stellar configuration where the state is at the center, and every citizen linked to it to the detriment of all else. which is why i am not ever giving it up. the freedom to threaten is not merely my fundamental, unassailable sovereign property, but moreover essential for the construction of effectual instruments to squash the socialists and their golums.
    asciilifeform: this is a very sharp observation, but is it unique to the modern state?
    mircea_popescu: well, that quickly gets iffy.
    asciilifeform: what of ancient despotisms, with the public impaler, etc. – did not want to be at the stellar configuration center ?
    mircea_popescu: nah, no mechanised ways to handle it, the computer has a lot to do with this, it’s a quantum leap in the possibilities of bureaucracy.

  2. What, you think the existence and persistence of hereditary aristocracy in almost every society of every size and scale since the dawn of humanity is a “coincidence” and that “modernity” has finally “solved” for its need? Oh you dear sweet thing… 
  3. Remember this? Time for a refresh because the total area of the outer circle is constrained by our relatively fixed mental/physical bandwidths, so the more time we spend for “concern” about shit we have no influence or control over, the less we have for actual agency in the world… adjust accordingly!

    What you think it’s just a “coincidence” that the most capable people in the world (who aren’t professional whores ie. “celebs”) tend to have fewer social media accounts and spend less time on the ones they do than the rest of us? I’m sure it like totally is man!

  4. Sometimes the circle of control is really unbelievably small. And that’s okay!

2 thoughts on “Icy paths.

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