Teshuvah of boys, of trees, of summer.

Torus, silent light
Thunder-borne, takes flight
Stars to whispers fade
In sleep’s white charadei
Universe, unsaid, made

Return, once more return
To sleep, to sun’s discern
To lands where memories wave

Words, oscillate
Like truths they state
Constellations in air
Matter spun, so rare
Magic, silent, everywhere

Return, once more return
To sleep, where shadows burn
To lands where silence fails

Data, unwound and clear
Calories, WAR, all hereii
Rings in aged trees tell
Energies, a subtle swell
Whispers before the bell

Return, once more return
To sleep, shadows sojourn
To lands my soul does save
Teshuvah (תְּשׁוּבָה)

  1. Sleep might sleep like a “waste” and something that you can “optimise” away, but REM = The Eternal. And if we lose that connection, we don’t actually last very long.
  2. There’s WAR (in the American sector) and then there’s WAR (Wins Above Replacement), which is only too relevant given Mitch F. Chan’s mega-deep (and delightful) new PFP/game, Boys of Summer. The latter comes recommended!

5 thoughts on “Teshuvah of boys, of trees, of summer.

  1. Mitch says:

    “I can tell you, my love for you will still be strong
    After the boys of summer have gone”

    -Don Henley, “Song for Ryan Carson”

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