Hidden in plain sight.

Hidden wisdom, faith and action,i
Bound together, forged attraction,
Less a dynasty than traditions,
Links in chains, light emissions.ii

Starwalkers, secret societies,iii
Hiding as poetry, proprieties,
In the shadows; the future, the past,
Quiet prayers in darkened contrast.

Apprenticeship broadcast, values transmitted,iv
More than mere facts and figures committed,
We write them upon our posts, hands bound,
Teaching them to our children when we lie down.

Let our plans be impenetrable as night,
And when we move, like a flash of light,v
The present is neither bull nor bear,vi
But God’s work gives it soulful care.vii


  1. How hidden, Grimes hidden!

    The recent interview for Palladium Magazine with this self-proclaimed “court jester” also comes recommended. Her worm’s eye view on all things AI and SF culture are notable.

  2. We’re all just beings of light, y’know?

    And still some of us are tasked with “being a light unto nations” more than others. Funny that! But hey, it’s a hell of a lot easier to hold oneself to a higher moral standard when one continually brings the genetic and cultural forcing functions of humanity’s darkest impulses and manipulates them against itself… time and time again!

    So why do we keep telling the Passover story every year, complete with bloody birth canal metaphors, as if we were trying to relive recreate its priors? And why would we expect anti-semitism to go anywhere, as if we could wish away envy herself (and yes, envy is a *she*, your pronoun hypersensitivities notwithstanding), and as if we could raise adults who never knew bullying as children? Hmmm!

  3. Speaking of UFOs, did you catch the Gimbal report?! It’s worth a quick scan (link).

    Speaking of secret societies, how much about their history (and therefore our own) do we really know?

  4. What, you thought “education” could be other than apprenticeship? Not even the yeshiva was so narrowly construed as that theocratically “secular” but ultimately mass-market-consumerist construct!

  5. Paraphrased from Sun Tzu’s Art of War Chapter 7: “Maneuvering”
  6. USD$44,000 BTC and USD$2,350 ETH! Too early to call it a “bull” just yet but the bottom has been in since October 2023 at least, that much we can say.
  7. To quote V. Rao:

    I’m starting to think that the importance of being human lies in having a particular sort of “caring field” in space/time/matter. We can define what humans care about in almost a mechanical way, as a kind of ball in spacetime that contains a pile of matter embodying local interests, and a network of connectedness to other bits of matter elsewhere in spacetime. Caring patterns define an overlay on computational reality that we experience as a sentimental self-interest. A solipsistic escaped reality, or subjectivity, that exists on top of the lower layers of objective and computational realities.

    With apologies to Descartes: We care therefore we are.



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