Nes gadol hayah sham.

Wailing Wall 2023

Nes gadol hayah shami

More meaning
Less material
More prosperityii
Less peace
More openness
Less obsequiousness
More sun
Less security
More tradition
Less tranquility
More community
Less Karen
More smokeiii
Less smallness
More humanity
Less homelessness
More walking
Less wallowing
More stray cats
Less stray pleasantries
More doing
Less dallying
More readings
Less regulations
More dreamsiv
Less disconnection
More children
Less churn
More building
Less burnout
More scars
Less scale
More hope

Nes gadol hayah sham

Shimon Peres Centre Tel Aviv

  1. “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham” (נס גדול היה שם) is a Hebrew phrase that translates to “a great miracle happened there.” It’s typically associated with Hannukah but in this case I’m just associating it with Israel.
  2. But “prosperity” not just in the material sense. In terms of quality of life, time with family, and yes, the much ballyhooed “happiness ratings” behind which Israel trails only the Scandinavian countries.
  3. Shisha and katyusha.
  4. Shimon Peres, who lived an insanely accomplished life, said in his later years that his only regret was not dreaming bigger. And Israelis very much carry this torch! Current political unrest and all.

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