Politics isn’t purpose, but the continuation of war by other means.

The blurry boundary between genius and insanity
Is the ghetto of the nation: the million-state solution
Or the One,i futures points towards Magic,ii
Prophets hint “this will kill that”.iii

Relative strength deciding, narrow interest presiding,
Politics isn’t purpose, but the continuation of war
By other means. Sacrifice or be sacrificed,
All Dane-geld and no destruction makes Yaakov a dull boy.

Oppression is the fundament of culture recall,iv
Alons-y, et qui sait si les fleurs
Nouvelles que nous rêvons, trouveront dans ce sol lavé
Comme une grève, le mystique qui ferait leur vigueur.v

Comme une spirale ascendante, dans un monde tragitechnologocomique.


  1. What would it take for world peace? Why, a complete and global monopoly on violence is all. No, not a very good deal is it?
  2. Could our Jungian collective unconscious ever be anything other than Magic?
  3. “This will kill that. The book will kill the edifice.”
    ~Victor Hugo.

    But two millennia earlier, didn’t Socrates have similar critical concerns about the evolution of communication technologies and their impacts on cultural memory? After the Golden Age of Pericles and the as-yet-unsurpassed architectural triumph of the Parthenon (which Le Corbu famously spent fully three weeks auto-didactically studying its every nook and cranny idea and spirit), wasn’t Socrates concerns similarly valid to those of Hugo? And yet humanity still built the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Vatican, Cologne Cathedral, the Hagia Sophia, and more since the time of Socrates.  And since the time of Hugo? I guess there’s Sagrada Familia!

  4. Just ask any younger brother! And, of course, the chechens.
  5. And who knows if the new flowers that I dream of / Will find in this washed soil like a shore / The mystical nourishment that would make their vigor?

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