The week before school,i
To school we went,
Back to the farms,
Ouroboros underrated.ii

Concentration of consciousness,
A miracle, a blessing,
Reject random
Rolls of the dice.

The eternal is eternal,
There’s no end to Him,
No more than day / night,iii
No matter how much we matter.iv

And of course we matter!
It’s all so meaningful,
There’s so much beyond,
The shepherding life.

Which is why He lives,
Without being born,
Eternal we feel,
Secular meditations.v

Wholesomeness within,
The learning begins,
Our journey is one,

  1. Kindergarten and grade 3! 🥲  
  2. What, you think the span between the absurd and the sublime is a straight line?
  3. Or family or joy!
  4. Our left-brained “scientific” posturing aside, yes life matters, which is to say that it has meaning and purpose, and that it transitions from the eternal to the temporal and back to the eternal again. E=mc2 yo!!! So check your nihilism at the door, Gorgias brah.
  5. What, you seriously think a guy with a name like “Huberman” and a nose like that didn’t get brought up in a certain Abrahamic tradition that shall not be ( ( ( (named) ) ) ) ) ?! Oh how blissful it must be…

    How much you wanna bet that Huberman (and Lex for that matter!) say the Shema morning, noon, and night?

2 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

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