Be vewy, vewy qwiet. We’uh hunting wabbits.

Some mandatory diversity selection blathering SJWi over at TTACii recently stumbled upon a picture of a VW Wabbitiii CC with an eerily familiar decal on it. Some call it Parteiadler, some call it a cheeky rounding of the socialist circle, some call it an affront to those brave American men who died fighting the evildoers only to have their grandsons wear nylons and their granddaughters work in coal mines.iv Whatever you call it, Steph Willem’s article has some lulzy quotes that serve some interest in and of themselves, though are largely as inept as Elmer Fudd’s hunting efforts, yet still provide kindling for an even bigger weenie roast in the comments section.

For your enlightenment and entertainment, let’s take a closer look :

Most normal, reasonable people would want to avoid associating themselves with a man who can claim responsibility for causing the deaths of about 70 million people, but there’s weirdos out there, and some of them are really keen on their Volkswagens. Frankly, it’s as depressing as the atmosphere inside the Fuhrerbunker, circa early May, 1945.

I won’t pretend to know what it was like in the inner sanctum of the Nazi leadership after Herr Hitler said his final Aufwierdersein, nor do I think much of Canadian key-jockeys who think they have even the faintest conceptions as to the machinations of powerful men, particularly in times of internal strife and outer conflict, but suffice to say that Steph’s ideas of what “normal, reasonable people” should do is undoubtedly pay their taxes, watch their sports, cast their votes, “join the conversation” and hang up Whorehol posters of 20th-century-mass-murderer-top-trump Mao Tse-tung. Sound about right ? Because it sounds to me like a life devoid of risk-taking, lacking in first-hand exposure, and steeped in the type of armchair pontification espoused by post-secondary institutions for at least the last century. I could be wrong, of course, Steph may have come from the streets, hustling like a gangsta at an inner city school, beating the odds and weaving his way into a somewhat prominent (if not particularly promising) webgig, but the truth would appear to lie closer to the theory that he’s slightly above-grade-average “educated” kid who can just manage to string a few sentences together even though he can’t see his way past the social studies textbook he more or less “memorised” in 10th grade. But there’s more :

Pulling this decal stunt means begging for your car to be keyed, or have your ass kicked from here to the Rhineland. These losers should count their lucky stars there’s few remaining WWII vets around to tell them a thing or two.

Truly, spoken like an effete socialist, the kind who doesn’t fight his own fights but instead has old ladiesv fight for him. Not with fists though, no, that’d be too primitive, but with words – the solitary weapon of the Furthermore, it’s blatantly obvious that Steph doesn’t even know any WWII vets,vii much less converse with them on any kind of basis, much much less dig through their wartime memories to find out what grinds their gears to this day.viii  Not like I fault the guy, how many 30-somethings regularly come into contact with 90-somethings ? Lest we forget that the last War To End All Wars ended 71 years ago and the early American recruits would’ve hit the battlefield fully 75 years ago. Spring chickens, the survivors aren’t. Nor plentiful. Nor, of those remaining, particularly lucid. Hell, what would be so special about a 90-year-old army vet yelling at a young punk for anything at all, be it wearing his hat backwards, spitting on the sidewalk, playing his rap music too loudly, walking on his lawn, cutting him off in traffic, or any number of other cliche things that stereotypically piss of old folks ? And since when do young kids pay the old farts any mind ? Since never. That’s when. Until the next War To End All Wars, when the next crop of eager young cannon fodder flies for man-made natural selection – either by fate or by folly – it can apparently be no other way. Such is the perversity of the human condition that it requires periodic cleansings to rid itself of effeminate excess, lest the cancer corrupt healthy cells with luxury and leisure.

But that’s enough Steph, let’s turn now to the comments, of which there are 185 and counting, including these few gems in particular :

Somewhere in Europe, this decal would cause a group of guys just turn this car over. And if owner would protest, he could lose some thees as well.

Ha! In Europe, where the hockey players don’t even body-check each other, surely, there! there! they’ll show these sticker-sticking jerks what’s what! Not here, no, never here. It just wouldn’t do. Oh no, what would mother think ? Especially if we wanted to flip cars after dark, past curfew ? Oh no, it really wouldn’t do at all, I’m afraid… Of course, not all of the self-described “Best & Brightest” are nearly so ignorant of the rising Naziesque parties in Poland, Greece, and elsewhere in Europe. Some are actually pretty self- and historically-aware, like this one :

The view on Soviet mass murder as the lesser of two evils is the product of being 80 years removed from events such that they blend into each other. At the time that wasn’t true whatsoever.

Consider the beginning of 1939. Not one bomb had been dropped. Wannsee wasn’t a gleam in Heydrich’s eye. No slave labor. No death camps. Hitler wasn’t even a footnote on the all time villains list.

The Soviets on the other hand were already twenty years of gulags, two mass purges, and a famine into it. They’d already murdered ten million. The useful idiots of the Western left knew all of this because they’d been cheering them on the whole time. Pritt was there at the show trials. Duranty saw the mass graves in the Ukraine. They apologized for all of it. It’s all there in print, in their own words.

We didn’t side with the lesser evil. We sided with the only evil.

Some are slightly more humourous, even if not in the way their author may have originally intended :

It’s almost refreshing to see something racist and stupid on a car in North Carolina that is not a slavery endorsing confederate flag.

Still others rightly point out that Germany is vilified in UStard talking circles while Japanese atrocities are painted overix :

I’ve seen multiple japaenese imperial flags on JDM car. Talk about flunking basic history in high school. The japanese kept horrible prisoner of war camps and committed genocide against hundreds of thousands of people. Anyone with a japanese imperial flagx risks getting his ass kicked by someone that did not flunk high school history.

The rest of the “conversation” from there on out devolves into the taught controversy of the left/right wing dichotomy, which is little more than yet another window into the effectiveness of early childhood indoctrination.

Anyways, looks like my fender flag idea’s been scooped, which just goes to affirm the value of that ancient wisdom that there’s no such thing as an original idea, only the effectiveness of its implementation.

So well done, you waskaly wabbits, you win the SJW vitriol points this round.

___ ___ ___

  1. It turns out that “Steph Willems” has a beard and may even also have a penis, if not much use for the latter, as you’ll soon be able to corroborate.
  2. “The Truth About Cars” is Jack Baruth‘s stomping grounds.
  3. Called “Golf” in Europe, Volkswagen’s cheery little hatchback was called “Rabbit” in the North American market, but only for the 1st and 5th generations. The other 5 generations have all been sold under the unified “Golf” moniker. Don’t ask why. Marketing doesn’t have reasons.
  4. That the “life expectancy” for pencil-dicked donne is greater than it was for their home-based foremothers doesn’t mean they’re emancipated, vindicated, or victorious over their loathsome oppressors; it means they’re removed from their once lofty pedestal, no longer prizes to be won, and now just another timecard stamper like the rest of ’em.
  5. After a certain point, old men and old women are surprisingly hard to differentiate.
  6. Not that I’m advocating punching everyone who puts “Trump 2016” or whatever other bumper sticker you don’t like. Violence is expensive. If you can afford to use it at all, use it wisely. There’s waaaay too much in this world that you might potentially be offended by. Use filters and keep sub-threshold shit to yourself. No one cares and no one wants to hear the trivial stuff. Ever heard of a stiff upper lip ?  
  7. Perhaps a senile old grandfather notwithstanding, though even this is exceedingly unlikely.
  8. Nor, it seems, has Steph come into contact with the strong retards that make up the actual neo-nazis extant, as I have, nor seen that they’re mostly just big talkers, like he is, and that the two probably have more in common than they care to admit. Really, why beat up your fellow socialists just because they hate on some jews or some “intolerant people” or whatever other scapegoat you need ?
  9. The armchair anthropologist might point to the cause of this discrepancy as one of language and demographics, if not a bit of jew-style self-loathing that doesn’t really map to the wild and wacky Japanese culture we know and love today.
  10. eg. From the subsequent TTAC comment :
    mazda miata rising sun

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  1. The anti-Soviet folks are in turn peculiarly tight-lipped re: the Tsarist-era famines (quite traditional in RU) and pogroms (ditto.)

    • Pete D. says:

      They might not’ve read Solzhenitsyn, at least the chewy bits he recounted in 200 Years Together : Russo-Jewish History, perhaps even willfully so. We all have our blinders ; some less intentional, some more.

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