The lessons of the Shoah.

The Shoah,i more popularly known as The Holocaust,ii is widely – if incorrectly – regarded as the greatest atrocity against humanity. Ever.

Nevermind that socialism in all its forms, not just the Nordic nationalist form, killed at least 20x more people in the 20th century. Those other crimes don’t make the History Hitler Channel reels and the high school textbooks. There’s no highly public prosecution of the Politburo bookkeeper charged with 300,000 counts of “accessory to murder” 70 years after the fact and at the less-than-tender age of 93… because we only do that with Nazis !iii They’re the bad ones ! Because they lost the war and were racialists, mkay !

The graphic portrayals of the engineered massacres of the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis you wanted therefore hold a privileged place in our collective consciousness, pumped up and pornographiediv by the mass market media and the myopic educational systems in the West for the past 70 years. Mass graves, ribs poking through translucent skin, the showers, we’ve all seen the vivid depiction of life and death in the concentration camps. So we have the images, which are all well and good, but what of the lessons ? What have we actually learned from that bloody decade ?

Strangely, but perhaps not unexpectedly given the modern Jewish record for papering over reality, the true lessons of the Shoah have been lost in an ocean of stultifying political correctness that teaches the evil effects of “wordism” as if it was language that pierced skin, broke bones, and filled lungs with gas. While the number of Holocaust survivors extant is few, this remains a sensitive subject, but the usual story of the Jews being perfectly innocent “undesirables” is completely unsatisfying, so sorely lacking in depth as it is.

So why did the Holocaust really happen ? Was it actually just a matter of a delusional Aryan superiority complex, crippling war debt creating conditions for extremism, and the need for a political scapegoat, any political scapegoat at all ? As you’ll see, not quite. Without further ado, the actual lessons of the Shoah :

I. Geography kills : While it’s lovely to be able to walk to the kosher grocer to buy some imported pickles and specially slaughtered brisket, you greatly reduce the costs of an attack when you concentrate yourselves geographically. The “wandering jew” thing wasn’t a shameful accident, it was an effect of successful adaption that was misinterpreted by the European Jewry of the 19th and 20th centuries as something other than a mark of pride. Big mistake !v

II. Materialism kills : Physical displays of wealth breed envy, envy breeds resentment, and resentment loads bullets into the chamber of your enemy’s rifle. This isn’t a problem when materialism is focused on weapons for one’s war chest first and foremost, giving you the ability to defend against uppity little shits in need of a reminder as to their lower rank in this world ; where materialism becomes a serious problem is when your war chest is empty while your chandelier sparkles with diamonds, your walls drip with fine art, and your skin is cloaked in monogrammed vestments. When materialism is all show and no go, you’re relying on two things you really oughtn’t to : the good graces of your multicultural neighbours and the good graces of the police to act as neutral arbiters of justice. Both of these are, of course, patently insane presumptions – both your friendly neighbours and the police can turn on you just like *that*, without batting so much as an eyelash, because you don’t own them !vi Own or be owned, mkay ?

III. Passivity kills : “There’s no point in fighting back, only God can defeat evil” was the thinking of the Orthodox Jews who willingly and peacefully submitted to their betters.vii No fuss was raised, no defense was uttered, and no violence was reciprocated.viii This is the slavish mentality of the original yeshiva, resulting in a conformist behavioural set not at all unlike that espoused by Buddhist monks at the behest of their Chinese overlords for the exact same reason and in the exact same way. Foregoing your opportunity to act is the surest way to die. So it has always been and will always be.ix

So there you have it : three lessons, none of which are “dun be a racialist.” That should give you something to chew on.

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  1. From the Hebrew : השואה, or HaShoah, meaning “the catastrophe.” It’s hardly the first, of course, merely the most recent as of this writing.
  2. From the Greek ὁλόκαυστος (holókaustos), where hólos means “whole” and kaustós means “burnt.”
  3. See Oskar Groening.
  4. That is, made gratuitously graphic so as to stimulate at emotional centres of the brain.
  5. This lesson still hasn’t been learned by the zionists, or else Israel wouldn’t exist ! Contrariwise, this lesson has been learned by B, TMSR~, which eschews geographical constraints for all but one weekend a year, this being MP’s annual conference. The rest of the time, proud wanderers are we !
  6. Interestingly, Israel has figured out the lesson of materialism just fine. Other than an iPhone, they’re not much for flashiness, and their war chest overfloweth!
  7. If someone beats you at something, they’re better than you. Plain and simple. Whatever moral high ground you imagine you maintain when you take the loss ‘with dignity’ is almost entirely of your own making and own imagining. The victor, your better, only recognises your honour if you’ve earned it on his terms.
  8. The Treblinka uprising was sadly the exception, not the rule.
  9. This being said, Israel deserves credit for their agency in such a suicidally stupid part of the world. They’re a far cry from the push-over passivists that were steamrolled in Europe last century. Still, the zionists only figured out 2/3 of the lessons of history, and as such is not unlike the fresh-faced young girl from the Midwest trying to cut it in Hollywood but can only sing and act, not dance suck cock.

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