Statelessness of fearlessness.

Being trapped in the headspace of the monolingual nation stater, no matter how dissenting and intelligent, is equivalent to being a sixth grade student your entire life : you’re fed the story of the world one chapter at a time by a caregiver cum state agent known as a “teacher” who in theory “loves watching you grow” but is in praxis intent on creating the very particular brand of retardation known as “progressivism” so that you can effectively self-censor and become the castrated little worker bee (aka. adult) that socialist society needs. Much of this is accomplished through use of the Chinese examination system, which has the effect of :

narrowly selecting for the kind of person you almost certainly want as a girlfriend, most certainly don’t want as a manager, and will never be an entrepreneur.

The net result of this intentionally sheltered and top-down-dictated existence is that the closest you’ll ever come to poking a hole in the bubblicious candy shells coating your retinae is eying the cute girl in class and wondering what she’d look like naked. That’s it. Nothing further, nothing more. You don’t wonder what she’d look like with a leash around her neck, whether she’s into nipple clamps, or how many well-used big black dildos she has in her closet. These are considerations grossly outside the realm of the thinkable for livestock like you, like the best vintage of Châteauneuf-du-Pape for the homeless Indian boy or recipes for gluten-free croissants for the Bruxellian baker.

Even if you graduated top of your class and fancy yourself a) an intellectual, b) an anarchist, c) a libertarian, or d) all of the above, the pre-packaged Ken doll nature of your existence doesn’t provide sufficient breadth and context with which to exert your agency upon the world. From this hedged-in vantage point, blindered and bound, being an -ist for an -ism seems incredibly empowering. In fact, it’s pretty much the most empowering feeling imaginable ! Such are the limitations of being a non-merchant in a uncivilised time and place – that countercultural thoughtcrime is the be all and end all, the mark of a man.

With this hemmed in worldview, even if commanded by a brighter-than-average captain, comes the exact consequences you’d expect from one steering a ship using a cardboard paper towel roll as a telescope : fear. Fear of the future, fear of the present, fear of getting your paper towel roll wet.

¡¡¡ FEAR !!!

Fear of Meta-NSA. Fear of Lizard Hitler. Fear of The Man. Fear of chaos. Fear of collapse. Fear of being doxed by some hyperactive zealot who works for the government.i Fear of losing. Fear of winning. Fear of chopping wood. Fear of being stupid. Fear of individual choices. Fear of individual responsibility.ii

All of which is say : fear of action – which is itself to say : fear of violence. For when it comes down to it, all action is violence. iii

Violence, of course, isn’t just the drunkard husband causelessly beating the shit out of his poor wife and nor is it simply a matter of “insane” shooting rampages in churches, be those churches in Syria or USia. Violence isn’t that simple and it isn’t that black and white, much less white on black.

Violence is really far more subtleiv than the inanely contrived depiction spewed forth by the little girls running the mass market media, they who want nothing more than to lull you into abject complacency and state-sponsored dependency so that they can monopolise all action (and all economics by extension) by monopolising violence.v What, you think it’s some divine comedic accident that MLK and Ghandi are put up on a pedestal for youths ?

I hate to break it to you but it’s no accident. If you’ve ever protested against this or that “non-violently,” be it OWS or “human rights” or what have you, you can’t really be said to have acted at all, much less lived !! At best, you’ve passively and coincidentally ridden the coattails of some unrelated events and had the audacity to claim responsibility for causing them,vi as if you could just skip Material Domination and head straight to Mystical Domination because “hierarchies are unfair mkay” !!vii Sorry, hun, doesn’t work like that. That was the Ambien you took.

Contrary to the oft-repeated adage by that gold-thieving socialist, the only thing you have to fear isn’t fear itself – the only thing you have to fear is… yourself.

___ ___ ___

  1. spandrell : If all you do is complain and share some links, sure. But the slightest amount of personal information will eventually get you doxed by some hyperactive zealot. At the end we’ll have to coordinate to save our skins, and you need to expose yourself for that.

    Pete D : “We” only have to coordinate if “we” are individually inadequate to deal with the task at hand. Having a pesky mosquito suck a droplet of blood from your arm is hardly anything to coordinate efforts over. If some derp “doxes” you and figures out that you have a penchant for perogies and a friend named Alf, what of it ? If they get lippy and want to cling to the pant legs of relevancy, flick ’em off into outer space already. It’s the multiplicity of idjits in the world that should be afraid of the sane and sensible, not the other way around. Be bold. If you can read and and write and reference an original source and think for yourself, and some nobody in their momma’s basement is waving their fecal-flavoured “consensus” at you, give ’em a smack and establish the proper order of things. What’s the worst that can happen, you get some bad looks from the guy at work with the pocket protector and the short-sleeve dress shirt ?

    spandrell : The worst that already happens is to get you fired, black-listed from employment, your children banned from prestige schools. You may also be bold, but women and children tend to freak out under the threat of ostracism, and not everybody has a firm command of their household. This might not be an issue if you live out of a big city and have a good personal network. But that means you’ve already coordinated, not that coordination isn’t necessary. Many of us lack these fallbacks and could very well use some. It’s cool to BE BOLD AND FIGHT THEM AS THEY COME, but we should stop and think what makes bold people bold, and what patterns are common to people who can fight back. The SJW derps in their basements are indeed inconsequential, but it’s not them who matters; it’s the government who is out to get you, the derps are just a good excuse.

    Pete D : Oh the government is out to get *me* is it ? Well, les jeux sont fait because I’m out to get them too. The game is on, it seems, and I’ve got time on my side. As to the threat of meatspace criticism and consequences, the beautiful thing about the Internet is that, if you find it so advantageous, there’s always plausible deniability at your disposal. Infosec is hard work and few people even know where to begin, if the raft of morons using “password123″ for their banking or Twitter accounts is any indication. “Oops, I dun been haxxed” should get you out of a bind with your dickwad of a boss. As to what patterns [are] common to people who can fight back, well, we’re the ones that do. If you can, you must, y’know ?

  2. The notion that problems of the individual will have solutions provided by the group is the best definition of socialism there is.

    ~Mircea Popescu

  3. Yes, it’s awfully unfair that the activity of eating your big juicy hamburger comes at the cost of Bessie’s oh-so-precious life and that she’ll never be able to achieve her dream of attending Harvard with the rest of the bovine brains now that you’ve gone and made a meal out of her. Let’s all hold a moment of silence for Bessie and, hey, why not mumble a little prayer for her while we’re at it. ברוך אתה ה’ א‑לוהינו, מלך העולם, שהכל נהיה בדברו (Baruch atah A-donay, Elo-heinu Melech Ha’Olam shehakol nihiyah bed’varo) should do the trick.

    That out of the way, we can return to our discussion and recognise action for what it is : competition. And what does competition do ? It measures. And what does it measure ? It measures outputs, which is to say, expenses. So yes, action isn’t free, by the very definition of the term.

    And because action isn’t free, it’s not for everyone and some people will inevitably end up with more things than others. That’s also why you thermodynamically cannot under any circumstances, in any manner whatsoever for as long as you’re confined to this planet, have everything all the time. That’s why socialism doesn’t work no matter how nice it sounds on paper.

    For as long as there’s life, there are expenses. For as long as there are expenses, there’s competition. For as long as there’s competition, there’s action. For as long as there are action, there’s violence. And no words on a page can ever change that.

  4. And expensive ! As MP eloquently documents in The problem of the state :

    It is an incontrovertible fact that violence is extremely expensive a behaviour. The principal avenue through which it is expensive is that you don’t want to piss off the wrong people, and there is no cheap way to distinguish them from the general population.

    Ask Travis Patron how expensive it is to discern the wrong people (me) from the general population (not me).

  5. As MP further observes :

    • The taboo (“you shall not kill, at all, for it is too expensive to kill the right people and we deem it unfair that they who know how to make this distinction be the masters of the rest of us – also if you want to eat the delicious cookies your mother made in school you best bring one for each other kid because they drool.”) intermingles with the delusional insurance to create “the monopoly on violence”. As far as the broken “logic” goes, “all is well” >because> “violence no longer exists” >because> “the state alone may employ violence”.

    • This arrangement has very unfortunate consequences. On one branch, the state is even worse equipped than individuals to ascertain whom to kill. Consequently, it is an absolute given that the collapse of any state is merely a question of time – statistically speaking it certainly will fuck with the wrong guy and get wiped sooner or later. On the other branch, as explained other places, the “monopoly on violence” immediately reduces to an actual monopoly on property.

    • The monopoly on property branch further splits into three separate horrors : firstly, that once it’s in charge of all property, the state now has to handle the allocation problem, and it is even less equipped to do this than it was to handle violence. Secondly, that once it is in charge of property it immediately ends up in charge of money issuance, which is an even worse conundrum for very complex reasons we won’t discuss here. Finally, and not even related to all of this, the state being a group has the fundamental communication problem of all groups (perhaps more familiar in its IT-related forms, “adding manpower to a late project makes it later” etc).

    • This is in no way different from financial news “reporters” derping about “Grexit fears cause Bitcoin price spike this week.” Uhuh. I’m sure it did.
    • “Hierarchy,” you’ll note, comes from the Greek ιεραρχία (hierarkhēs), which is a compound of hieros, “sacred” and arkhēs, “ruler.” Singular ruler. One guy. Most definitely not a throbbing mass of equalitarian men marching peacefully down Martin Luther King Avenue or Wall Street or wherever. There just isn’t room at the top for everyone. Thems the breaks, kid.

      Of unrelated interest, but then again perhaps very much related and still interesting, the French word for yesterday, “hier,” as well as the English “higher,” have the same “sacred” Greek root. I guess that means you should read more history books as a means to advancement and ascent up the societal ladder. Huh, who woulda thunk it ?

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