La Serenissima fender flags: a modest proposal

La Serenissima Fender Flag

By the strength of La Serenissima,
And of the grace she hath accorded us,
Let all such as will not obey her,
The Definitive Sovereign,
Be slain and be destroyed.

Above is a modest design proposal for La Serenissimai fender flags. Yes, I’m well aware that, at least up until now, we were supposed to be “too honest for a shady logo,” but I needed an art project. So here we are.

This cribbed eagle motif – complete with full PGP Fingerprint of the chauffeured occupant – is not only intended to look badass,ii but also to confer immunity from local traffic laws. Because yes, you’d better believe that #b-a Lords will have fender flags on their motor coaches, not unlike those found on that famous Mercedes 770K Cabriolet of a certain you know who, and that we will be held to no other court than that of The Definitive Sovereign.

Now maybe I’m just trollin’, maybe there’s something here. Either way, ’tis only a modest proposal.

___ ___ ___

  1. Yes, that’s a red L and a black S, not a 3/4 swastika, ya Nazi. Though I admit that, if there’s a weak spot in this design, it’s this L-S.

    Perhaps it’d look better with the PGP Fingerprint tucked inside the wreath ? Or perhaps with the fingerprint in the eagle’s talons ? For now, these iterations, and more, will be left as exercises for the alert reader.

  2. Imagine a pair of these on the front fenders of Saddam.

9 thoughts on “La Serenissima fender flags: a modest proposal

  1. jurov says:

    I find it too brutal, not reflecting Serenissima’s refined ways. Besides, I don’t get this poultry obsession in heraldry.

    • Pete D. says:

      Fair ’nuff. The thing about TMSRO~ is that it’s a) voluntary and b) open to discussion.

      I’m guessing that something like this or this might be more up your personal alley. Then again, you may just prefer to take a yellow taxi.

  2. cazalla says:

    You could add “that S that every kid drew” to Serenissima given how bad this is Pete!

    • Pete D. says:

      Care to illustrate ?

    • Pete D. says:


      cazalla: Do you mean for me to illustrate that S or actually draw that S into the logo?
      pete_dushenski: Start with the easier one and work your way up.

      cazalla: Well to be fair I already seen that image elsewhere.
      pete_dushenski: Um, that’s the point ?

      cazalla: Specifically so when i saw yours, first thought was that it was some jewish stockholm syndrome.
      pete_dushenski: What, you think i made that shit up ex nihilo ? Lol dude, that’s the joke ! Mebbe funny, probably not, but like I said, was just looking for an art project.

      cazalla: Well you said maybe it was trolling so clearly it went over my head. But c’mon, adding a dash of red and deleting a line does not make it a design proposal
      pete_dushenski: Because ? It’s not like i’m taking this shit to get printed so i can cruise around downtown berlin at 200 kph with my ass out the window. Fender flags bending in the breeze

      cazalla: Well you already have the Merc and that’s 99% of the way there to adding the flags
      pete_dushenski: Looky, the car and the flags are but a symbol, and until the underlying material fact of diplomatic immunity is a reality, a day i intend to see but am not deluded enough to believe is here yet, then it’s for personal enjoyment.

      cazalla: A+ for effort but that doesn’t make it good, if i wanted a 2 minute knock up andy warhol photoshop job i could do it myself
      pete_dushenski: Dude. it’s not for you. Fin.

      cazalla: Then who is it for, just you personally? Might want to correct your article* then “a modest design proposal for La Serenissima” and you’d better believe that #b-a Lords will have fender flags on their motor coaches”
      asciilifeform: On their ‘ohkas’

      pete_dushenski: There’s layers here. If you insist on skimming from the top, you’ll just get yourself annoyed.
      cazalla: What on earth would annoy me about something you drew (lifted) and pitched as your own design proposal? If the bar at which criticism bothers you is set so low, might be time to reevaluate things.

      pete_dushenski: I dunno what to tell you dude. If you don’t like it, you can always take a yellow taxi with jurov. no one’s holding a gun to your head around here. If more than one ‘Lord’ likes the ‘proposal’, then ‘LordS will have fender flags on their motor coaches’. And if not, then my proposal sucks, and it’s just lil’ ol’ me !
      cazalla: if it was a design proposal, you would be a little less stand offish when facing criticism, that said, it’s the final product which explains why you’ve got yourself in a little tizzy.

      pete_dushenski: So let’s see this magic ‘S’ of yours, ya ? Might be an Ozzie thing, y’know ? Or mebbe Commonwealth, I’m curious.
      mircea_popescu: I give this cazalla trolling pete_dushenski thing a 4/10.
      mats: Lol.

      cazalla: That S thing is and I’m pitching design proposals in the first place.
      pete_dushenski: Mebbe cazalla imagines that a Mercedes 560 SEL with 3/4 swastika fender flags will be on his driveway unless he says something now.

      mats: I used to doodle that design in grade school.
      cazalla: Hence that S thing that every kid except pete_dushenski drew.

      pete_dushenski: Lol oooh ya, I totally remember those. But I never in a million years woulda imagined that’s what you meant by ‘that S that every kid drew’. And that’s a good point, I sure as fuck never drew these. Saw other kids ? Sure.

      ___ ___ ___
      *No, content isn’t ‘corrected’ just for the asking. Just ask Travis.

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