A Jowling Earted Tribute to Finiliar.

O greddled jurtles, all is turling dromes to thee,
Even thy beetle-browed Reason, mordious in meanin‘ she,
Like lurgid gabbleblotchits on a drangle bee,
Earth and grub, one with another, self-entwining eartedly.

Thy blurted dreams of Wholesome, pestulent spaces,
In the heart of city filth, where violent memes breed,i
Gargling with the rancid groop, in the slayjid race we bleed,
Patriarch’s slipulated ambition, peepers like a lavatory freshly hooptittled.

One generation’s glupulous structural habits,
Make numbers rise, animal software mordiously heap,
But software, mere reflection, where the liverslime weeps,
Not this gruesome cutility, less lovely than a vortvoid-savaged cabbage.

Stay in madness, descend into madness,
Save your sanity for a later, less plurdled bindlewurdles rhyme,
Thy hagrilly, jowling, organ squealer, twas galactic time.

___ ___ ___

  1. Memes are mass participatory gambling. And we looovvvve to gamble!

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