Quickie Review: Lexus RX400h (The "h" stands for hoochie, not hybrid)



What do you think of when you hear the word “Lexus”? Comfortable? Reliable? Gussied-up Toyota? 21st century Buick? While all of these may come to mind, Lexus is hard at work adding one more thought to the list: Hybrid. Denoted by a lower case “h”, Lexus is trying to take advantage of the brand equity already created by the Hybrid Synergy Drive in Toyota products such as the Prius. The RX line of SUVs is loved by women the world over for its higher ride height, inoffensive styling, AWD, bulletproof reliability record, and smooth car-like ride. Now we’re here to see if the company has been successful in transforming its hugely successful midsize luxury SUV into a planet-ameliorating hippie-mobile. Read more below to find out if Lexus is successful.

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