Tick tock goes the schlock.

Tick Tock Goes The Schlock

Tick tock
Goes the clock
Not my watch
The one for men

Father again
If only I could
I surely would
I have the time

And the space
For sure the means
With energy
Enough at least

If You’d please
Lord now above
Spread the love
Daughters or sons

Bestow’d like Huns
Real roulettei
Make bigger bets
We’ll try again

A major gen
Two more up next?
Build up our nest
It’s risk or go

For more is growth
Defeating death
Dark Ages rest
Fuck loneliness

Soon banish’d stress
Newcomers rated
Then castratedii
Wen wholesomeness

It’s surely best
Hetaera be
My Queen can see
But who can ask

Orthodox taskiii
Is not a test
Amid this mess
Life virtual

Efficient pull
Mistaken bend
Industrial ends
Have finite means

Get rich quick schemes
Soul-torn guests
Fizzle as #blessed
Imagine new pasts

Futures do cast
Tick tock
Goes the clock
Goes the schlock…iv

  1. Archived.
  2. From Malcolm and Simone Collins via Palladium Mag (archived):

    Those who propose to “solve demographic collapse with immigration” are implicitly endorsing the creation of a toxic situation where the developed world’s economy is reliant on Africa staying poor. This is because if high-birth-rate nations are allowed to continue on their path to development, they, too, will fall below the repopulation rate. Worse still, because the system we have built differentially feasts on the most productive and prosocial people and culturally castrates them, it unsustainably consumes human capital.

    If you differentially kill friendly elephants with large tusks, the remaining elephants will have smaller tusks and exhibit more aggressive behavior. The same is true for humans. The sociological profile most amenable to what we think of as modern cosmopolitan society—one that is open-minded, pluralistic, technophilic, and egalitarian—is being aggressively deleted from the world’s population. Given the differential birth rates and the heritability of certain traits, we may see a standard deviation shift in political attitudes towards theocratic dictatorialism within the next 75 years or so.

  3. Yids that is. Like Chabad.
  4. via Chat for the non-Yiddish speakers in the audience:

    “Schlock” is a slang term that refers to something of low quality, cheap, or inferior in nature. It is often used to describe products, goods, or creative works, such as movies, literature, or art, that are made with poor craftsmanship or lack artistic merit. The term can also be used to describe a situation or action that is deemed tacky, tasteless, or in poor taste. “Schlock” is typically used in a pejorative or negative sense to express disapproval or disappointment.

4 thoughts on “Tick tock goes the schlock.

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