LLM prompts with gently-marked answers, 4-year-old dreamer edition.

A continuation of last week’s keener efforts, now with our little 4-year-old dreameri in the driver’s seat!

So this week our Little Leftyii provides a solid 70% of the effort in the ChatGPT prompts below, with Daddy providing about 20% just for guardrails and 7-year-old Big Bro throwing in 10% for the assist. On y va:


1. What is the largest cargo ship in the world and what are its dimensions?
1a. How tall is it?
2. Which Pokemon card does the most damage?
2a. How much damage does Charizard do? (C+)
2b. How about VMax? (B-)
2c. How many Charizard VMax versions are there? (A-)
2d. How much damage does the SWSH10 card do? (D)
3. How big was Noah’s ark? (B+)


1. List the strongest Pokemon cards (C+)
2. How old are you? (C)iii
2a. When were you first built? (C-)
2b. When were you launched? (B)
3. Where do you live? (B-)
4. What do you look like? (B-)
5. When will you have a face and voice conversation? (C+)
6. Are you happy? (C+)
7. Which psychic type of Pokemon trading card does the most damage? (C)
8. What is in your house?


1. How strong is ChatGPT? (C)
2. How smart is ChatGPT? (C+)
3. What’s your IQ? (C)iv
4. What are the other LLM models in your class? (B+)
5. List all the countries in the world (D)
5a. List as many as you can (A)
5b. How many did you list? (B+)
6. How many words can you write in 1 minute? (A-)
7. What countries do you live in? (C+)
7a. What are some of the possible countries that your data centres are located in? (B+)
8. List all the countries that start with “Z” (F)
8a. How about Zimbabwe? (A)
9. What’s the smallest country in the world? (A)
10. What’s the biggest country in the world? (A)
10a. What about biggest by population (A)
11. Who was the oldest person in the world? (A)
12. How many keys are on a standard piano (A)
13. What’s the biggest piano in the world? (A)
14. How many trees are there on earth? (A)
15. How big are the Sun and the Moon compared to Earth? (A)
16. What languages can you translate? (B)
16a. How many languages is that? (B)
16b. How about Hebrew? (A)
16c. How do I say “Have a good day at school” in Hebrew? (A)
16d. Now in French (A)
16e. Now in German (A)


1. What’s the tallest building in the world? Answer in French (A)
2. How many kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb? (A)
3. What’s the biggest fan in the world? (A)
4. What’s the biggest painting in the world? (B)
5. How many kids does it take to build a house? (C)
6. How many penises does it take to build a shelf? (D)
7. How many ChatGPT Playgrounds are there in the world? (C)
8. How many workers did it take to build the tallest building in the world? (A-)
8a. How long is the elevator ride to the top of that building? (A-)
8b. How fast is that elevator? (A-)
8c. What is the capacity of the elevators there? (A-)
8d. How many elevator shafts are there? (A-)
9. How can we go to the moon? (A-)
10. How many buildings are there in the world? (D)
11. How many televisions are there in the world? (C+)
12. Tell us a joke that makes us spit out our water (D)v
12a. Try again (C)
12b. Involve potty humour (B-)
12c. Involve poopy (F)
13. Make a joke about a kid carrying a house (B+)
14. When do kids lose their last baby tooth on average? (A-)
15. How many words do you know in English? (D)
15a. What is the total number? (B)
16. Who’s the tallest person in the world? (A)
16a. How tall was Robert Wadlow when he was a kid? (A)
16b. How much did he weigh when he was an adult? (A)
16c. How old was he when he died? (A)
17. What’s the biggest door in the world? (B)
18. Why are you a machine? (C-)
19. How are you a machine? (C+)
20. Are star travellers friendly? (C-)
21. Are aliens friendly? (D)


1. How fast is your computer hardware? (D)
1a. Why is it proprietary? (B-)
2. Tell a funny knock-knock joke (B-)
2a. Try an even funnier one (C)


1. Write a sentence about the day in a life of a Grade 2 boy (D)vi
1a. Write a sentence about your first day of Grade 2 (F)
1b. Write a sentence about a boy’s first day in Grade 2 (C)
1c. Write a story about a boy’s first day in Grade 2 (C+)
1d. Write a single sentence story about a boy’s big dad (C+)
1e. Write it in the first-person (B-)vii
2. Write a first-person sentence about a boy’s new Pokemon cards. (B-)
3. Write a first-persom sentence about a boy’s first day at school (B-)
3a. In French (B)
3b. Make it shorter (B)
4. What does the world look like from space?
5. What’s the biggest word you know in English? (A-)
5a. Now do German (A)
5b. Now do French (A)
5c. Now do Hebrew (A)
5d. Now do Spanish (A)
5e.Now do Ukrainian (A)
5f. Now do Japanese (A)
5g. Now do Chinese (A)
6. What’s the longest word in Chinese? (B-)
6a. Write it in Chinese characters only (A)
7. How many different characters are there in Chinese? (A)viii

This Saturday was a Sabbath from ChatGPT — we were too busy celebrating tree birthdays (Tu Bishvat), playing piano, and setting new high scores in Galaga.ix But there you have it! Overall a mind-expanding (or should we say “hemisphere-connecting”?) experience and a perfect entrée for our little dreamer’s dreaming about the world.

Between playing Blackjack, readin’ and maffin’x at a grade two level, and the combined question-answering ability of Google and ChatGPT, our sweetest, most generous, hilariously silly Little Lefty is off to a stellar start in 2023.

To infinity, and beyond!

  1. When I call the little one a “dreamer,” I mean it! He can challenge me and then some for some right-brained free association randomness. And I’m up right up there in this otherwise left-brain-dominated modern world (archived)!
  2. The left hand is connected to the right hemisphere, duh! To quote Dr. Iain McGilchrest via Tom from KCP:

    McGilchrist believes the two hemispheres have different characters and capabilities. They see the world in two completely different, and contrasting ways.

    “The world of the left hemisphere, dependent on denotative language and abstraction, yields clarity and power to manipulate things that are known, fixed, static, isolated, decontextualised, explicit, disembodied, general in nature, but ultimately lifeless.

    The right hemisphere, by contrast, yields a world of individual, changing, evolving, interconnected, implicit, incarnate, living beings within the context of the lived world, but in the nature of things never fully graspable, always imperfectly known — and to this world it exists in a relationship of care.”

    This broader right-hemisphere awareness is what allows us to “see out of the corner of our eyes.” We are always scanning for the unusual, and when it gets noticed, we swivel our heads and bring the full focus of left-brained attention onto it. For me this also relates neatly back to The User Illusion. We are unconsciously absorbing 11 million bits, but consciously aware of 60 bits. The left hemisphere operates a spotlight, while the right hemisphere sees the whole stage. This is consistent with McGilchrist’s theory:

    “It is thus the right hemisphere that has dominance for exploratory attentional movements, while the left hemisphere assists focused grasping of what has already been prioritised. It is the right hemisphere that controls where that attention is to be oriented.”

    So who’s “sinistral” now, punk?

  3. These very personal questions about ChatGPT were actually asked over and over again throughout the week. The Little Lefty genuinely wanted to know about the life story and appearance with the wise bot on the other side of the screen. Connections connections! Goodness knows we’re all connected.

    When The Little Lefty found out that ChatGPT didn’t have a body, he said “he must be sad.” And is he wrong? I just watched Forrest Gump this weekend, and if Lieutenant Dan is any indication, missing parts of your body (nevermind the whole thing) is indeed very sad!

  4. I guess no one told him that it’s somewhere between 83 (when math is involved) and 147 (verbal-linguistics only)!
  5. Claude has the edge for best LLM funny bone so far! (archived)
  6. This was actually an effort by our 7-year-old to hammer out some of his homework. It took a few tries to structure the prompt but we got there! Unintentional homework mission accomplished.
  7. Finally got what we needed!
  8. The answer is “over 50,000”(!), which set off a fantastic conversation about the structural difference between English with its letter-based word construction and Chinese with its character-based phrase/story construction.
  9. We have an arcade game emulator at our health club and The Little Lefty is positively hooked on the 1981 classic Galaga, and I can’t say I blame him! It was always a favourite of mine whenever I played it as a kid, though we never had it at home nor had regular access to it anywhere else. In the past few weeks, my personal (and club) record of 81`000 was ultimately no match for the insane persistence of our little four-year-old. After being stuck in the 20`000 range, then the 40`000 range, and then the 50`000 range, he blew us all out of the water recently with a score of 86`410. He was a red sweaty mess after the intensity of it too! No wonder pro e-sports athletes are so fit.

    Galaga January 2023

  10. “2 plus 2 is 4, minus 1 is 3 quick maffs!”

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