Or would you prefer sileNce?

Peter von Tiesenhausen Things I Know to Be True 2019 - 2

                       The generoSityi of silence,

                 To postii a lIttle less.

   If softly, quietLy,



                    As often we Call it poetry,

                             We pausE more openly.

We are not a t(h)ing.
With apologies to John Cage

Peter von Tiesenhausen Things I Know to Be True 2019 - 1

Artwork by Peter von Tiesenhausen entitled “Things I Know To Be True (2019)” located at Stanley A. Milner Library in Edmonton, Canada, created with solar-powered plasma cutters.

  1. To qoute:

    Leadership requires taking the leap into trust and optimism and generosity even when these may seem naive or gullible.

     via Creating a High Trust Society Requires Generosity by Zohar Atkins

  2. To quote:

    Is it any wonder that so much of our online fora are so bloody vacuous? And yet we post and post (and take the piss) because we’re lonely; because we expect the satisfaction of the thin loops between our eyes and our cerebral cortices to be necessary and sufficient for flourishing, even when the mere functional existence of blind people counters the necessity, and the mere dysfunctional existence of so many of us – both individually and collectively – counters the sufficiency.

    via Intelligence isn’t just between our ears by yours truly.

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