Finally caught by the sniffle monster.

After a few days of (multi-factorial) malaise, mild headaches, and light sniffles, I tested positive. At last!

Thankfully, and coming as a surprise to exactly nobody reading writing this, vaccines work.i Who could’ve predicated?? But how bad would my symptoms have been without three doses of Moderna coursing through my sexy veins? I love travel too much to know the answer to that particular question, but suffice to say from my friends and acquaintances who understand personal sovereignty through a slightly different lens than I do, it would’ve been a fair bit worse, if far from life-threatening.

We’re still not exactly sure who patient zero was, but we strongly suspect that it was our little left-hander contracting it from his freedom-crazed friends at pre-school, but that’s as it should be at his age. Because really, that the “Hygiene Hypothesis” gets called a hypothesis while Social Sciences get capitalised as Science reveals to us all we need to see about the final (but not actually final) resting place of Sovietism and its politically true but prima facie absurd “truths.”ii

Anyways, our upcoming beach holidays have been slightly postponed, but not indefinitely so. And at least I won’t need anymore stupid Antigen, LAMP, or PCR tests for like six months, which is amazing, because by July 2022, we can only pray that all of these absurd travel restrictions will be in the rearview mirror.iii Not that Omicron is the last wave we’ll see, but because the self-harm from lockdowns and overreaching restrictions to our children (learning loss anyone?), to our economies (inflation, supply chains, etc), and to our own mental wellbeing so massively exceeds the societal costs of a few worn-out healthcare professionals (sorry doc), that we can’t waste another moment in our efforts to regain our lost momentum.

So yea. Next week’s blog will definitely be… sunnier.
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  1. It also helps that I’m not immunologically defective, my body mostly choosing to over-react to modernity.
  2. Oh you thought that it was Capitalism’s fault that Ford has straight-up stopped taking new orders for the Maverick mini-truck, that it’s 1+ year wait for a new Land Rover, that VW Golfs are 9+ months out, and that no one can even get a manufacturer’s ETA on spare fucking heater for a two-year-old electric car. Funny, because I hear that our dear comrades in the “failed”* country of our forefathers (or at least my forefathers) used to have to similarly wait years for a new GAZ or LADA, and that they too had bread lines around the block, all because some “once-in-a-century event” happened for like the twentieth consecutive year. Y’know, like in the 1970’s and 1980’s when institutional decay was endemic, functional economic or foreign policy was impossible, public confidence was predictably shattered, and yet “nobody” could imagine an alternative system. What an uncanny coincidence that I’m sure you also think about all the time. Hm?
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    * samo tweet
  3. Goodness knows that even crazy polite Canadians are done and done with these shenanigans.

    Trucker Freedom Rally 2022

    Of course MSM and our dear PM are keen to downplay this entirely peaceful protest, but Web2 still has its value in times like these:

    TruckersForFreedom2022 Twitter Trending January 29 2022

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