The first RUN DMC-inspired Deafbeef Glitchbox tuning experiment programmed entirely in FORTRAN to blind-solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute without a DAO-mediated FOMO curve.

I think the title sort of says it all (assuming you get the joke) but suffice to say that I’ve had quite a bit of fun in the last few weeksi actually digging deeper into some of the NFTs I’ve been thoughtfully collecting degenerately hoarding this year, not least of which is a Deafbeef Series 4 token (aka “Glitchbox”), and it turns out that not only can you tune the damn things like you tune a Stradivarius, but you can have up to three different people playing the damn thing simultaneously!

So, inspired to lend out my Strad Glitchbox rather than pretend like my misfit of a “classical education” was equivalent to subject matter mastery, I reached out to the typically reserved Deafbeef community and found that there are people who even specialise in the dark art of ‘box tuning and that they were willing to help out a fellow member of the tribe with no promise or even discussion of recompense for their efforts.

While there were originally four interested parties, only two saw the project through to completion. Of these two finalists, only one will have their work formally committed to the Ethereum blockchain as the publicly available version for the foreseeable future. But I couldn’t possibly make such a historic decision unilaterally, so I need your help, dear reader! Without further ado, here are our two contenders:

Orange2Lemon.eth (@Orange2Lemon) tuned Preview 0

Monsieur (@ExpIPiequalsOne) tuned Preview 1

For reference, here’s what the token looked like “as stock” when I bought it (and painted the mf top…).ii

So what say ye, dear Contravexians, shall we hand the award to Orange2Lemon or Monsieur?

Though they didn’t expect it and never asked for it, as an aspiring patron of the arts, it seems only fitting to award a 1.00 ETH prize to the winner and 0.25 ETH prize to the runner-up.

Voting will be open for 24 hours via comments and twitter poll. Bonne chance à tous!

Update 22/11/2021: With 64/88 votes, Orange2Lemon is our winner!
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  1. This is truly what I love about bearish/sideways markets (like the current one), or even markets where I’m fully allocated and for which the frictions* of rotation are too great (like the current one), it’s that longer-term investors like yours truly have little to do but sit back, watch the world go by, and follow head-long into other random passions and pursuits, all of which are ultimately connected but never in predictable ways. Random walks and flaneuring ftw!

    ___ ___
    *Frictions can be many things such as taxes or available market liquidity, but they can also be socially-derived, such as the willingness of collectors/traders to “take an L” now and again. You might be amazed to learn how much shaming there is in the NFT space directed towards market participants with higher time preferences for money (eg. my man KBM). Toadz are typically better at accepting each other’s different financial realities and not shaming (one of the many many reasons I adore Toadz so) but this is very much the exception in the broader space and feels unlikely to change between now and the next bear market (mid-to-late 2022?).

  2. But that’s how money is made or so we’re told by the legendary Zhu Su at 3AC: “The best-kept secret in trading is that far more money has been made buying new highs than any other type of strategy, and it’s not even close”

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