The open skies beckon too!

As with the open road, so too the open skies!

I mean, what use is being ahead of the curve but once? It’s not as if there’s only one curve in this world, or this life, so get used to ridin’ those waves, dudettes!

Since I had the Pool View Suitei already booked at the PacRim,ii ostensibly for a family trip between business trips to LA and Montreal, but with the bookends cancelled by COVID, I figured that I’d make lemonade out of the situation and enjoy the hamburger patty without the buns. Yum! So off to the private airport previously known as “YEG” I went, and onto the private airport previously known as “YVR” did I find myself 90 minutes later. Here are a few photos from the experience previously known as “commercial air travel” :

YEG - May 2020 - 1

YEG - May 2020 - 3

YEG - May 2020 - 2

YEG - May 2020 - 4

YEG - May 2020 - 5

YVR - May 2020 - 1

YVR - May 2020 - 2
It all felt a bit like I imagine flying through Terminal 3 at Julius Nyere International Airport in Dar es Salaam feels like. Oh, you didn’t want your country to be like Africa after all? News to me…

I can certainly see the appeal.
___ ___ ___

  1. Upgraded to the C$2`000 per night Fazioli Suite because there’s probably not 50 people staying in the hotel and large sections are therefore closed down, included the C$950 per night Pool View Suite that I’d originally booked. The upgrade more than made up for the fact that I planned to use but two out of the three booked nights.

    And yes, that Fazioli. *swoon*

  2. Shame on me for booking through a third-party booking agency but this “mistake” did at least push me to “succumb” to the sunk cost fallacy and take a little trip while the rest of the world is quite happily locked down.

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