G’s move in silence like lasagna.

A’s leave streaks like skunks.
B’s buzz that money honey.
C’s come in threes and nines.
D’s move in doubles like puddles.
E’s the only one that is.
F’s blow off the pee and aitch.
G’s move in silence like lasagna.
H’s hit that shit.
I’s see all the time.
J’s rip that spliff.
K’s switch like knighty night.
L’s post up the club.
M’s matter like millions.
N’s lazy like nuffin’.
O’s cover like ponies.
P’s pop like proposals.
Q’s spy on youz.
R’s limp like a pirate.
S’s emphasize.
T’s stay clean like teens.
U’s don’t know spouts from a house.
V’s vary like reality.
W’s on top like two-three.
X’s squint like Kaws.
Y’s chipped like a shoulder.
Z’s slay like Max.

I’ll… never be a rapper, will I…

With apologies to Lil’ Wayne
___ ___ ___

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