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I know the hatred and envy of your hearts.
Ye are not great enough not to know of hatred and envy.
Then be great enough not to be ashamed of them!

This whole bullshit industry of ultra-successful dudes “motivating” those beneath them via blogs/YouTube/Instawhatever is starting to grind my gears.

Not only is it an abuse of power that creates nothing more than a self-defeating sense of insecurity in the viewer (not to mention the producer), but it’s as addictive and destructive as opiates for both parties, and entirely free to binge on!i I certainly have no problem with elites using their preeminent positions to speak to the masses, but for the love of Hashem just stick to education, eh ?

Take Horology_AncienneRoman Sharf, and Daniel Negreanuii they’re perfect examples of successful guys educating the world by offering insights into industries/hobbies/whatever that are otherwise insular and exclusive. They each share unique perspectives based on entire careers of accrued wisdom and they all manage to provide education and even entertainment without marching out the “Growth Mindset” snake oil – thank goodness – because if anything is a marker of a self-serving megalomaniacal scam, it’s that.

“But Pete,” you ask, “What’s the big fuss if proles want to be motivated by rich dudes ? And rich dudes want to motivate ?”

Well, Timmy, it’s because both producer and viewer lose out when education takes a back seat to “motivation.” Why ? Producers lose out for the simple reason that these not-actually-as-rich-as-you-might-think schmucks are insecure as fuck and no amount of views/hearts will ever fill the gaping voids in their atheistic souls. As Nietzsche subtly infers in the quote above, most people who experience hatred and envy don’t understand why, and it eats these “motivators” up inside. It eats them up inside and it eats us, the viewers, up inside to the extent that we pay them any more mind than we do the “national” “news.” Success doesn’t come from theory, it comes from practice. Of course, in theory there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

If we’re looking for mindsets to develop, forget all the “motivation” garbage and start at the beginning with self-acceptance, acceptance of our parents, and acceptance of luck. That’s the foundation for success – acceptance – not being “motivated.” Only from acceptance does education blossom.

Once we’ve accepted ourselves and the world around us, however pretty or unpretty that may be, we can focus on what really matters. Until them, there’s only shame.
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  1. I’m looking at you Manuchehr (Manny) Khoshbin and (Producer) Michael Blakey. We’d all be a lot better served watching every YouTube video interview with Chamath Palihapitiya, a proper multi-billionaire with something intelligent to say, than Manny and Michael for so much as a moment.
  2. Danny aka “KidPoker.”

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