Just how small is the Lotus Elise?

Lotus Elise Dreidel - September 2019 - 3

It’s so small that it makes my 4-year-old Wunderkind look like Jeremy Clarkson about to tip over a Reliant Robin.

Lotus Elise Dreidel - September 2019 - 1

It’s so small that it makes the Honda Fit look like a plumber’s van.

Lotus Elise Dreidel - September 2019 - 2

It’s so small that it can only fit six bags of groceries… in the passenger footwell.i

Oh summer nights, we’ll miss you!ii

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  1. Principally because it hasn’t a trunk, at least not when the bracket keeping you car battery secure has broken and you’ve jimmy-rigged a ratchet strap set-up to keep the battery from flying into the back of your head under hard braking. Also, because I like my raw potatoes to stay raw on the ride home, and keeping them next to a steaming twin-charged 2ZZ is absolutely no way to accomplish that.
  2. Dreidel was actually home for the first time ever this week. After summering at SCR and wintering in co-owner Adam’s heated garage on his acreage for the last two years, we finally registered and insured the car, which worked out well when I had to take it to my mechanic after Adam spun it backwards into a swamp in early July and the poor car choked and sputtered ever since. But now she’s back! After degunking the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, fixing a crinked vacuum line, and clearing all the fault codes, the girl definitely has her old zip again. The engine feels sharp and responsive as ever, and only the complete lack of R888R availability anywhere in Canada is keeping me from a few more hard days this season with her. With some new rubber, she’ll be ready to rock and roll, if also too some spherical bearings in the rear suspension to dull her tendency to snap-oversteer at the limit (this was SCR owner Jay’s suggestion because it’s a problem that even he experienced, and he raced successfully in Formula 5000, it’s not just something my half-baked amateur ass came up on a lazy Sunday). But even keeping the suspension as-is, with only 13,500km on the clock and a very conservative state of tune (0.7 bar from the turbo), she has many more years of life left in her! 

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