The 21st-century survival kit: FG INSIDE

Maybe you think every day is survival – or even all-out war – but what are you really doing to prepare yourself ?

Are you stocking up on Spam ? Filling your basement with bullion ? Timing your escape to the shelter ? Getting your hazmat suit tailored ? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that your thinking is way too 20th century! The Cold War is over, man!

In the 21st century, you’re either a collector, a grammer, or a digital warrior (or a combination thereof, they’re not mutually exclusive). But if you’re a modern man of any description, you need a modern survival kit. And have we got the (exclusive) survival kit for you.

Say hello to FG INSIDE!



FG INSIDE by CONTRAVEX INDUSTRIES EDMONTON is everything the modern man needs for survival. It’s a fully-user-auditablei True Random Number Generator (TRNG),ii it’s a conversation piece, it’s photogenic, it’s exclusive (only 5 will be produced),iii it’s authentic,iv and it’s marvellously easy-to-use.v The only thing it needs is a smart man doing smart things…

Mount this little red boxvi to the wall of your office/bunker, keep it in the trunk of your survival vehicle,vii carry it in your survival luggage, or give it as a birthday gift to that one friend who “gets it.” It’s just so versatile, so practical, so now!viii

But that’s not all! In addition to being super sensible and oh so au courant, FG INSIDE doubles (triples?) as an icon of industrial design. Like the Eames Lounge or the iPod before it, its pared-down simplicity and resolute transparency make it a work of artistic expression reflective of, and integral to, our present day and age.

USD$ 4,999 (+$50 S&H)ix and this Limited Edition Collector’s Survival Kit could be yours!

Order books are now open via comments section below (all orders include exactly what you see in the pictures and each individual order will be confirmed by email)

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  1. While other TRNG modules tell you that they’re “True,” FG INSIDE gives you the ability to verify such claims for yourself. For the first time, you have the power. And only with FG INSIDE.
  2. Whitening-free!
  3. This limited run of just 5 units bodes very well for future collectibility.
  4. As per 21st-century requirements.
  5. On Linux and seemingly only Linux…
  6. And its accompanying documentation, including a set of gorgeous X-Ray images and diagrams.

    FG INSIDE - 3

  7. The G makes a very fine survival vehicle if I do say so myself.
  8. “Intel Inside” isn’t cool anymore (at least not post-Nehalem). Y’know what’s cool ? FG INSIDE.  
  9. Accepting PayPal and Bitcoin.

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