Mah Jong couch fort, “Blockchain for babies” book review.

After its off-hand mention last week, you might be wondering what the world’s most groovy (and luxe) couch fort looks like in the cloth. Well, here are a few iterations, permutations, and combinations of the thousands possiblei :

1. “Elephant’s House” v1 (one room)ii

Roche Bobois Mah Jong couch fort - 1

2. “Elephant’s House” v2 (two room)iii

Roche Bobois Mah Jong couch fort - 4

3. “The Toaster” v1iv

Roche Bobois Mah Jong couch fort - 2

4. “The Toaster” v2v

Mah Jong couch fort - 5

5. Update 02/04/19 : “King of the Castle”vi

Mah Jong - King of the Castle

In other child-rearing updates, the hilariously themed “Blockchain for babies” by Ferrie and Tomamichel is actually a not completely awful picture book that outlines in the most manageable terms a few very important concepts about Bitcoin,vii viz. double-spending, chaining transactions, and public ledgers.

Blockchain for babies - 3

Blockchain for babies - 2

Blockchain for babies - 1

Ari might not be old enough to crawl just yet, at least not in the forward direction, but he didn’t mind drooling on this particular title one bit. That’s more than good enough for now.

___ ___ ___

  1. There are two corners, two straight-backs, four square cushions, and about 200 square feet of floor to play with, creating not exactly an infinite address space but more than plenty for our fun-loving purposes.
  2. Elephant is this little boy’s velveteen rabbit – the inseparable companion who’s loved until the stuffing falls out.
  3. You might think that I’d be smacking my cat across the room for ripping into my lovely couch like this, but you’d be wrong. Not only is Benny a complete sweetheart but he’s only scratching as hard as he needs to to get petted and no harder, which is perfectly theatrical and equally wonderful of him. That, and this is why I chose the ultra-durable Kenzo Takada-designed fabrics instead of some of the arguably more beautiful and certainly more intricate designs available. Not that I won’t be reupholstering some of these cushions when the kids are older and less rough on the furniture, but it’s hard to imagine a better couch for the purpose than what we have now. 
  4. “The Toaster” is so called for the ability of the vertically-aligned dark blue cushion seen at left to half-fold-over and open up for imaginary food to be inserted and then cooked. The current crop of favourite ingredients include salt, pepper, sugar, eggs, flour, cheese, and milk. From these inputs, out pops a cake to decorate!
  5. The much-loved “mommy elephant” is seen on the yellow cushion in the lower-left corner. Anytime Niko hits his shin on a stair or his head on wall or whatever and starts to cry, out comes mommy elephant and the tears are done five seconds later. It’s magic I tell you. That, and this kid can take a serious amount of physical punishment.
  6. Complete with mini-trampoline for properly storming the castle.
  7. What fucking “blockchain” ?!!

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