Black-ballin’. Again.

In a former life, I ascended a ladder, ruffled some feathers, got blackballed,i and descended again. So should anyone be surprised that, well, I dun did it again ?

deedbot: << Contravex: A blog by Pete D – The shape of dust settling.
trinque: anyone opposed to me removing pete_d from the RSS list? This benchwarmer commentary thing is about enough. Contribute or get lost.
diana_coman: I agree
shinohai: Certainly wasn’t encouraging reading material.
diana_coman: Also: is ave1’s blog in the rss list? I find it quite useful
BingoBoingo: Sounds like solid ideas
mircea_popescu: Should prolly make the public blog RSS thing a L1 blackballable item. ie anyone deedbot trusts can ask (in channel) for any item to be discontinued — and it is. Then the corresponding can also be implemented (L1 can have any blog added). Vaguely curious as to results.

Up and down an even higher ladder this time, the IRC Channel Known As #Trilema will no longer be reading Contravex as a matter of course. As with the cherry press fleet deal in former times, the move to blackball my blog from the logs was both overdue and welcome by all parties. Yes, all parties. Having mulled over the idea myself of requesting a delisting some six months ago, and deciding it wasn’t worth the bother seeing as I’d pretty much stopped showing up in-channel, I was perhaps only skimming logs a few times a week at best, and near as I could tell no one was reading my diary much anyways, I seem to have unconsciously moved myself into a position where my removal from the blogroll was all but inevitable. Call it Amor fati or what have you, but that’s what happened. I mean, don’t all boundaries need pushing ?

With automakers it was cartoons that broke the camel’s back, with the Republic it was an excessively detached survey of a shifting landscape that did it. Although the latter piece wasn’t a post-mortem per se, though BB certainly took it thusly and probably wasn’t alone in his opinion, it was meant rather as an broad assessment with very specific outs, to borrow the poker term. The question was, could you find them in the naked critique or were the boobies too big ?

Regardless, at a sensitive time in the Republic, the piece struck a nerve with at least a handful of the esteemed L1 and the entirely uncontroversial (and also as far as I’m aware unprecedented) move was made to delist Contravex from deedbot’s blogroll. With this laudable move, the reader I hold in my mind’s eye while penning this Gesamkuntswerk sophisticated discourse sophistic agglomeration of materialistic pursuits combined with slightly cynical sociopolitical insight is liberated ; to what end we can only guess at, but we’ll see.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to hit “publish” without scurrying over to the logs to see the response, if any, and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing whose attention I might be able to attract with the 20ish % of this blog’s causative force devoted to currying favour with people other than myself and my own vanity. The turgid backwaters of the remaining Internet await.


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  1. Though being bruised “black and blue” refers to sequentially coloured moments on a continuum of lashing to healing, we should be eminently thankful that blackballs don’t follow blue, or really have anything to do with them at all.

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  1. GesamkuntswerkGesamkunstwerk.

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