Scorpion : the quiet dad anthem of the summer.

What’s an anthem ?

It’s a motivational song! While nationalists like to imagine that they own the anthem genre outright, it’s actually a much broader and more complex space. Whether it’s rock anthems or rap anthems, the genre is really composed of anything that pumps you the fuck up! It’s the kind of thing you listen to in the gym, on a jog, on a summer evening cruise with the windows rolled down, or even when you’re on your way home to a small squad of rambunctious munchkins (and an adoring wife) after a long day of work and you need that boost of energy to make the most of your short time together before bed.

Quietly, quite under the radar, this latter application has been catered to by Drake‘s latest album, Scorpion. As a new father himself, this perhaps isn’t a surprise, but in a world of rap / hip-hop dominated by endless and tiresome boasts of Lambos, Pateks, sluts, and stacks, it’s an appreciated change of pace, and a motivating one at that!

Inspired, here are some the better dad anthem lyrics hidden in the album, murdered out meme’d-out :

Ari - I'm Upset


Ari - My Money Is Young


Ari - Bernie Mac

And more! If less meme-able ones :

Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never relate

Kiss my son on the forehead then kiss your ass goodbye

I got this 11 tatted for somebody, now it’s yours

Not that the whole album is one big dad anthem, but there are plenty of gems for the “goalie-pullers” in the audience.i Whether you knew it or not, fellow fathers, this one’s for you.ii Cheers Drizzy.iii

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  1. A friend who recently started trying to have kids called the exercise “pulling the goalie” and I absolutely love the metaphor. It’s so Canadian it hurts!
  2. I did warn you that Contravex was becoming a daddy blog…
  3. And cheers to Ari for posing for his dad’s incredibly lame memes!

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