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The Bitcoin Standard by Saidedean Ammous acknowledgment
Hair done, nails done, everything did…

I even have it on good authority that Saif’sii book – The Bitcoin Standard : The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking – was making the rounds at the recent Consensus 2018 conference in NYC, where such lamestream celebrities as Stacy Herbert of Keiser Report fame (and co-conspirator in the Keisercoin ICO scam from the days before such scams were called “ICOs“) were seen flipping through to the acknowledgments in the back of the book to find that *horror* they weren’t even mentioned.

Anyways, it’s very, very cool to see that Saif got his book published with Wileyiii and that he’s very likely the first author to ever acknowledge the intellectual contributions of MP (or my humble self) to the history of Bitcoin. Trilema (and obviously to a much lesser degree Contravex) is the kind of deep resource that everyone with two brain cells to rub together readsiv but practically no one legitimately attributes because everyone associated even obliquely with TMSR is mean and uses bad words etc. So bravo, Saif!

Glad to have helped, no matter in how small a way. You makin’ me feel fancy.

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  1. T.I. wasn’t always quite as washed up as he is today, but 8 years ago is ~two generations in teh rap game. It’s not far off Bitcoin pace, really. Maybe that’s part of why it’s so addictive ? We already know some of the other parts.
  2. Saifedean Ammous, a professor of economics at the Lebanese American University, and I first ran into each other in the comments section of these very pages, after which I searched him out on twitter (while I still had twitter), and invited him into the bowels of IRC way back in 2014. Even though he never really latched onto IRC the way I did (while I did), we continued to keep in touch by e-mail over the years on topics ranging from life in Canada to midwifery to mediterranean cuisine, and he even asked me to proof an early draft at one point. While I have nowhere near the gravitas of many of the other contributors – including Taleb, who wrote the foreword – it’s really a very pleasant surprise to see my name in the acknowledgments. Books have largely been supplanted by blogs in terms of cultural impact, and I’ve had many a notable reference in the new digital world, but there’s something about see your name in print that has a much more lasting impact. We just can’t rewire certain things, I guess. At least not this quickly.
  3. Even though the hardcover printing could’ve used better paper stock for the C$30.
  4. Based on both traffic and timestamps of “new” “ideas.”

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  3. Diana Coman says:

    You mean this http://btcbase.org/log/2017-04-02#1635889

    Writing a book comes only *after* doing something to have what to write about.

    • Pete D. says:

      No argument that episteme flows from techne, but what of historians, of which Saif, as an “economist,” is arguably a subset ? Should he hop in his time machine and play fiddle alongside Nero ?

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