Trade warz.

Since you probably haven’t heard, mainly because the Internet doesn’t give a fuck nor should it, seriously,i my home province of Alberta and its neighbour to the west are having a bit of a spat at the moment.ii

British Columbia’s ruling socialistas are doing everything in their power to obstruct the oil and natural gas pipelines that Alberta wants the country needs to buildiii to the West Coast in order to access the burgeoning, bustling, hungry Asian markets – y’know, the markets of the future. The Feds in Ottawa have already approved the pipelines after a maddeningly belaboured review processiv but the socialistasv in BC headed up by John “Big Tooth” Horgan are still keen to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong and have threatened to do everything in their power to halt the spice flow. “Muh envi’nment!” is their rallying cry and wealth earned by any means other than real estate speculation is their sworn nemesis.

Not the least bit discouraged, Alberta’s fair-weather socialists, headed up by Rachel “One Term” Notley, is firing back at Horgan’s smack-talk with a man-sized smack-across-the-mouth by halting all commercial imports of BC wine into Albertavi and by closing down talks to import cheap BC hydropower at a time when Canadian hydropower is overflowingly abundant.vii

This is a pretty serious salvo. Whatever The Black Knightviii tells you, ’tis more than a flesh wound. Alberta consumes ~20%ix of BC’s wine production in any given year and those wineries, particularly the larger ones, aren’t nimble enough to reallocate the now-excess-production to other markets on such short notice. Given that Alberta’s independent liquor stores don’t stock more than a couple hundred bottles at most of BC grape juice at any given time, the shelves will soon be cleaned and the streams of cash heading west will then dry up like so many grapes left on the vine. Give it a month at most before the economic weight of the shriveled raisins is felt, though the psychological effects of such a direct hit to BC’s pride and joy are almost instantaneous.

Now, unlike the cucked media opiners and unimaginative restauranteurs calling Notley’s decisive actions “petty,” “childish,” “unproductive,” and “out of touch,” I not only applaud both the force and direction, I hope that this is just the beginning of many more trade wars between Alberta and its neighbours, and between its neighbours and each other. Given the increasingly dope-addled and passive population of our “nation,” it’s unlikely that anything else can tear apart the perverse illusions of national unity, cooperation, and sovereignty.x Alberta has been drained of its bounty by the bureaucrats to the east and denied opportunities to increase its bounty by the hippies to the west for long enough. It’s time for Alberta to assert its independence.

Let the BC wine ban be the first of many emptied banana clips.xi

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  1. If you’re “on the information superhighway” and not spending a very considerable chunk of your time getting your head around Bitcoin, you’re doing it wrong.
  2. For you geography non-buffs, Alberta and BC are split by the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Alberta ships so much revenue out of the province by way of “transfer / equalisation payments” it’s enough to make you sick to your stomach. I’m not even going to look up the figures right now because it’ll just make my blood boil. Needless to say, for as long as this unfair and unjust redistributive paradigm exists, the shameful spendthrifts in QC and ON need AB like a fiend needs another hit. Just one more, of course. This will be the last, you understand.
  4. Specifically the $7.4 billion Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.
  5. Both curiously and temporarily, the far-left New Democratic Party (NDP) controls the legislatures of only two-of-ten Canadian provinces : Alberta and BC.
  6. Note that I said all commercial imports are being blocked. Personal imports are still just fine. And since I’m traveling to Vancouver a bit more regularly now, guess what I’m bringing back from my next trip ?
  7. Quebec Hydro is making noise about trying to attract Bitcoin miners to soak up its excess capacity but it seems like a bit of a PR stunt right now.
  8. Although Horgan is about as observant and skilled in battle as the famous Holy Grail defender, he’s portrayed in the libertard media as a noble White Knight battling the Evil Witch. Doesn’t this photo shading say it all ?

    Notley vs Horgan 2018

  9. BC winery revenue was quoted as $360 mn in 2015 by the industry’s own count and Alberta directly contributes about $70 mn of that. Another way of looking at it is that Notley has put a $70 mn price tag on Horgan’s head. This is above market rates!
  10. No one could possibly be bothered to start a civil war in Canada with actual guns, tanks, soldiers, and planes. There’s just too much Lebensraum. This ain’t Israel.
  11. Not literally, this ain’t Costa Rica!

    banana clip ar-15

7 thoughts on “Trade warz.

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  2. Gordon Robert Dumont says:

    Rachel looks like she’s smoked too much meth.

    • Pete D. says:

      Aged women and politics don’t really mix. They’re trapped between their feminine lives that have come and gone and their masculine lives that can never be fully realised. Rachel just looks like the trapped, tortured soul that she is. No drugs required.

  3. Pete D. says:

    Fucking bitch blinked! The BC Wine Ban was suspended on February 22, 2018 after only two weeks. She’s so toast come Election 2019. Good riddance.

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