The G-word.

If I say “the G-word,” you probably start thinking about G-spots, female orgasms, how you’re still not entirely sure whether their existence is an unholy scam perpetuated by Cosmo, whether you just haven’t find the right girl yet, if you actually need to spend the next six months in Thailand figuring lady parts apart, or perhaps even why everyone else thinks it’s such a fucking mystery in the first place. And who could blame you ?

But if I say “the N-word,” you’re almost certainly thinking of the most unenlightened members of society, possibly, but not necessarily, those afflictedi with dark skin.ii It’s not at all clear that the “problem” with being “racist” is in any capacity diminished by saying “N-word.” After all, the point of words is to convey meaning, to draw a picture in the listeners mind of what you’re imagining through an agreed upon sequence of breaths, lingual contortions, and vocal cord manipulations. So when I say “N-word,” you still think “n*gger,” yet somehow I’ve tripped no imaginary landmines, said nothing doubleplusungood, and I’ll still go to heaven.iii Or so the theory of ostrich-with-its-head-in-the-sand “morality” goes.iv

Anyways, it’s in no way, shape, or form clear that words can themselves be racist in the first place. Last I checked it was actions that could unjustly discriminate based on skin colour, gender, etc., and the chasm between words and actions is exactly that between episteme and techne, which is again exactly why you don’t want a University Economics professor for a portfolio adviser. He’ll show you his fancy mathematical model and advise that you bet on Hillary 2016! The difference between words and actions is ironically mirrored best by the one country that is most hung-up on racism : The USSA. Is it any wonder that there’s a reverse diaspora underway in the African American community as we speak ?v The place makes no sense!

Discrimination is how we tell the poison berries from the nutritious berries. It’s more than natural, it’s sine qua non for survival at the very least and prosperity with any It’d be impossibly expensive to live without heuristics, to judge each individual on their own merits in every and all circumstances. We simply have to make some assumptions lest we never make it past the end of our own driveways in the morning. Eg. No WoT = Not A Person ; Drives Chevy Cobalt = Not A Successful Person ; Wears Hoodie To Officevii = SV Paper Billionaire ; Chews With Mouth Open = Raised By Wolves ; etc.

Now if you’re the sort of fellow who finds himself in a room with mongoloid Americans of the coastal elitist persuasion and are inclined to push some buttons, using “Nigerian” or “Negro” is more than effective in raising their libertard eyebrows without “the community” granting them permission to burn you at the stake. It’s pretty precious watching them squirm and stutter as you utter that first “Neh” syllable only to slip through the sidedoor of their hilariously simplistic “I R OFFENDED” algo. It’s like saying “Tobbaco” in a Quebecois Church 150 years ago.

The only problem with using the “G-word” in conversation is that no one will be able to guess whether you’re talking about gingers or gays or G-spots. But don’t be surprised if a particularly competitive minority takes up the torch soon enough. It’s vicious down there.

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  1. Yes, afflicted. Can dark skin really be a curse ? Aren’t all dysfunctions really gifts of new perspective ? Many in the deaf community might think so, but ask your black friend next time you’re having drinks if he wishes he were born light-skinned like you. Your chances of getting an answer in the affirmative are better if he’s a more recent immigrant (or a former member of the Jackson 5). And if you don’t have any friends who are black and recent immigrants, get the fuck out of your bubble yo!
  2. Don’t take my word for it. Chris Rock nailed the difference between black people and n*ggers, the former being respectable and the latter being contemptible, almost 20 years ago. In pop culture, that’s ancient history! Or just the last time that stand-up comedy could be funny…
  3. No idea why “Kike” or “WOP” or “Slant” or whatever never took the mainstream attention and attendant vitriol to the same level as the “N-word,” but we have to leave some mysteries for the historians I guess. The reemergence of the appellation “Coloured” after some two generations of it being morbidly un-PC will surely amuse them as well, as should the fact that the Leftistas just keeps reusing the same old tired ass bullshit, don’t they ?
  4. Louis CK makes a similar philolinguistical observation in one of his bits. He’s not bad at it either. Y’know, for a ginger. I mean G-word! Oh Lordy please don’t send me to the quiet beach where unemployed racialists go to die (at least that’s where I assume Kramer and Saddam are). 
  5. You might not have electricity, but you won’t get killed by the police either.


  6. Yes, there’s an enormous amount of luck involved in success. I mean, look at me!
  7. This is… A Whole Thing.

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