A few alternatives to “interesting.”

Continuing the never-ending battle to improve the articulacy of the soi-disant “civilised world” and its pioneer-friendly vocabulary, a few alternatives to “interesting” :

Common usage : “That’s an interesting idea.”
Alternatives : Riveting, unbelievable, fascinating, insane, ludicrous, bizarre, beautiful, mesmerising, poetic, over my head (but I’d rather not admit it).

Common usage : “He’s an interesting guy.”
Alternatives : Intelligent, controversial, oddball, unorthodox, inspiring, unpredictable, hard-to-read, intriguing.

Common usage : “That’s an interesting perspective.”
Alternatives : Valid, unexpected, unusual, thought-provoking, thoughtful, considerate, batshit.

Common usage : “My classes in school are interesting this semester.”
Alternatives : Dull (but I’d rather not say so), enlightening, informative, practical, applicable, diverse, eye-opening.

This is surely an uphill battle, but the Cerberus of “nice,” “good,” and “interesting” that make up 75% of the adjectives one hears in daily conversations with supposedly “educated” people are now two-thirds tackled. It’s a step in the right direction, and one that starts with yourself.

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