BCH / BCC to BTC brokerage

I, Pete D, am hereby offering to broker Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) to BTC for a one-time, all-in fee of 5%.i Others are charging upwards of 10%! Forsooth, if only all markets were so healthy and competitive.

In order to pounce on this very sexy offer, you must have a PGP key and a pre-Aug 1 privkey from which the BTC have been SPENT. These SPENT privkeys will then be encrypted to my key along with your instructions for the sales order – be it “limit order @ 0.XX BTC,” “market dump,” or otherwise – and a BTC return address. To recap :

0. Have BCH/BCC privkey.
1. Encrypt and sign BCH/BCC privkey (ie. SPENT BTC privkey), sales order instructions, and return BTC address to my PGP key.
2. Post message in the comments herebelow or with !~later tell in #trilema on IRC.
3. Order will be confirmed within 24 hours. Order will be then processed according to instructions, which could take a few minutes for a market dump or a few months for a particularly optimistic limit order.

That’s it! If I’m not in your L1 and you don’t trust me directly, you’re encouraged to ask any mutual connections in our respective WoTs. Or you can hit up another broker. Or you can do it yourself! Or you can hodl your bigblockcoinz and see what happens. It’s quite up to you, but with prices in the 0.18 range at the time of writing, the time certainly looks ripe to cash in on your Cash.

Questions ? Orders ? Let’s hear ’em!

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  1. UPDATED : Like Unlike mike_c, my maximum fee is 10 0.5 BTC but and I don’t have a minimum.

17 thoughts on “BCH / BCC to BTC brokerage

  1. whaack says:

    Have you successfully sold any? What is your minimum requirement?

  2. whaack says:

    My apologies for missing the footnote. This seems like a golden opportunity, however I find myself in the position of being uneasy about having to setup new cold storage keys. I put time and care into making my btc safe, and redoing that work in haste to take advantage of a hard-to-believe one-in-a-lifetime price doesn’t sit well with me. I imagine that many others are in the same predicament, thus preventing a lot of big players dumping on the BCH chain.

    I hope to be able to take you up on the offer, but I will not rush the process and I encourage others to be wary as well. That being said, if you were able to pull this off congratulations on your success, and I hope the truly big players give time to us before they wipe the order books.

    • Pete D. says:

      Hard to believe though it may be, the deal is all too real. Even if you have to remake paper wallets or re-setup your FG or what have you, there’s a considerable sum to be earned for your troubles. I’m not sure what your time is worth to you, but mine isn’t worth enough to pass up on “free” bitcoins like this.

  3. whaack says:

    You convinced me, and I moved quickly with caution to get this done. It seems like we don’t have much time before the effect explained in


    kicks in.

    I hope you can get this done before the difficulty adjustment :)

    Version: GnuPG v1


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  5. Barbarossa says:

    Great advice! Do you recommend any particular exchanges for dumping the BCH into BTC?

    • Pete D. says:

      I’ve had success with Bittrex, others in my WoT have had success with HitBTC. Either way never keeps your coins there a moment longer than necessary. These are non-WoT exchanges and should be treated with the utmost skepticism.

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  7. lobbes says:

    Heya Pete,

    Time to reveal more of my naiveté and poorfaginess, but oh well! Please excuse my n00bness…

    I want to take advantage of your offering while also making sure I don’t fuck up my current BTC holdings.

    So, I have a little over a BTC to my name in an old QT wallet. Have not touched it since well before Aug 1st.

    If I am understanding correctly, I would:

    0) Move all my current BTC in that QT wallet to other addresses I control outside of said QT wallet (e.g. a paper wallet, deedbot wallet, etc)
    1) Encrypt wallet.dat from that wallet. Sign and send to you along with order instructions and a btc address for $profits to be sent to

    Am I missing anything crucial?

    Thanks for helping me gain some “phree” btc!

    • Pete D. says:

      Hey lobbes!

      0) is correct. For 1) after moving your coins to paper wallet / deedbot, you’ll dump the privkey from QT and encrypt that to me instead of the whole wallet.dat file. Other than that, you’ve got it! We can also move/sell your BTG (Bitcoin Gold) at the same time if you’d like. Lemme know how and when you’d like to proceed and we’ll make it happen.


  8. lobbes says:

    I didn’t even know BTG was a thing; thanks for the intel! Definitely will want to exchange that for good ol’ BTC as well.

    After evaluating step 0) for myself, I came to the conclusion I need to secure my castle a bit first. Gonna try and get a trb node running, get a proper airgapped box set up, etc. Once I empty my ‘QT wallet’ for good I’ll reach out to you regarding proceeding further (here’s hoping I get this done before BTG and BCC hit 0).

    Thanks again for the help and for the brokerage services!

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  10. millennial genius says:

    Roger Ver has bought the @bitcoin twitter handle, bitcoin dot com and many other sources of big traffic to pump this shitcoin; seems to be working.

    • Pete D. says:

      Over a short enough time horizon, every Madoff “seems to be working.” What’s pumping BCH isn’t Ver per se, despite what he may think or convey, but rather the simple fact that there are waaaay too many dollars chasing way too few turkeys and even some of the smaller poultry varietals are all but guaranteed to benefit from the spill-over. BCH and ETH are therefore spill-over city, but only for as long as they are. LTC used to play that part but who even talks about it anymore ?

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