“How does infant car seat handle in Blackzilla?”

… asks one motor-minded BingoBoingo. Well, now he and you know! Even if the little blondyi is more of a toddler than an infant now, Blackzillaii handles fambly duty splendidly, ferrying the little gang from ice cream parlour to swimming pool to farmers market and back again. Not that this is its only function. In a couple of days here we’ll see how “taxi” handles full-on track duty because RFAC6 just gave me a taste and now I want the whole enchilada! It’s a remarkably multi-faceted tool, this.

niko taxi___ ___ ___

  1. Combined with the baby blue eyes, he certainly doesn’t strike passerbys as his father’s son, even if a closer inspection reveals that his giant head and gorgeous eyelashes couldn’t have come from anywhere else. But his dimples ? Those are just one of Nature’s many mysteries.
  2. AKA “taxi” because that was the only other word he knew from the page of different types of cars in one of his books a couple of months ago when Blackzilla first arrived at home. Since then, “taxi” has evolved into “daddy taxi fast” and is now associated with a picture of a Ferrari Enzo, which is certainly an improvement. He’ll need many more such improvement if he’s to keep pace with his prodigious physical growth. He’ll be two-years-old at the end of the month and he’s already 38″ tall… What regression to the mean ?

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