A few alternatives to “nice.”

Motto : “Nice” is what you call the end of your pencil.i


Common usage : “That’s a nice sweater.”
Alternatives : Attractive, fetching, sharp, handsome, pretty, sexy, well-made, quality.

Common usage : “It sure is a nice day outside.”
Alternatives : Warm, pleasant, lovely, sunny, glorious, wonderful, perfect, gorgeous, beautiful.

Common usage : “He’s a nice guy.”
Alternatives : Boorish, homely, unfuckable, pleasant, charming, slightly weird, friendly.

Common usage : “That’s not a nice thing to do.”
Alternatives : Appreciated, appropriate, allowed, kind, thoughtful, respectful.

Common usage : “Let’s go somewhere nice for dinner.”
Alternatives : Upscale, posh, higher-end, better than Denny’s, quiet, romantic, livelier, happening.

Common usage : “I did a very nice job on that project.”
Alternatives : High quality, detailed, excellent, thorough, considerate, professional, well executed.

So armed with this modest selection of alternatives (not synonyms, mind) that you already knew and are hardly in the category of $5 words, what excuse do you have for using “nice” anymore than you do “like” and “literally” with such reckless abandon ?

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  1. ~British art class schoolmaster circa 1965.

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