A humble auctioneer and his record-setting first auction.

Who knew I’d actually be cut out for being an auctioneer ? MP apparently. Which is why he asked me (of all people) to serve as auctioneer for Eulora’s L’Auctionne des Tooleries. As you already know, the lead-up to this auction is what led to the birth of Prince Waterbath, who got his feet rather wet earlier today. To explain a bit more, here’s the log from the event, adnotated to give a glimpse into the Eulora noob’s (and auctioneer noob’s) mindspace. Enjoy!

Mircea says: fallen from terh skies. hey there flying canadianmani
Prince says: just like that. heya Mircea. alrighty then boys and ghouls
Mircea says: eeeexcitement
Prince says: as mentioned in the trilema announcement, all bidding starts at 1 ecu. just one! you can’t find deals like that anywhere else
Mircea says: dun dun dun
Prince says: so let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.
Mircea says: apparently diana’s socialist internet decided to allow her in !
Grenadine says: lol
Foxy says: ahahah
Prince says: first up is #10 on the list, two grimy toolkit blueprints, quality 630! none of that weak shit here, this is the real deal.
Mircea says: no dude. in order Light of the Crystal, what was that there’s a skepsis there.
Prince says: so top to bottom ?ii
Mircea says: yee
Foxy says: ugh, so dirty around here :p
Prince says: aha. my apolgies ladies and gents, let’s get this show on the road!
Foxy says: can we see them please?
Mircea says: yeh, fake auctioneer, drop what yer hawkin!!11iii oooo. PLANSES!
Prince says: aha! i know a keen eye when i see one and you sir Mircea have a keen eye!
Mircea says: 10 ECu!
Prince says: right here we have one stack (9`999) of improved cruddy hoe blueprints quality 150
Foxy says: one is keen and one is eviliv
Prince says: i have 10…
Foxy says: 20 ecu
Mircea says: yay! I WON ? :D $@!$
Grenadine says: 1k ecu
Mircea says: 50! 50 COPPER ECUS!
Daniel says: 1 mn
Prince says: Mircea i have 1000 sir!
Mircea says: 1.2mn
Prince says: 1 mn from good daniel, 1.2 now. do i have 1.5 ?
Daniel says: 1.5
Mircea says: 2!
Daniel says: 5 mn
Mircea says: 6.66 mn!
Daniel says: 10 mn
Daniel says: 20 mn
Prince says: do i have 30 ?
Mircea says: 30 mn
Daniel says: there’s 9999 of them there right?
Prince says: Mircea ? ladies ? other gents ?
Prince says: Daniel yes sir
Daniel says: 40 mn
Mircea says: they should be on the ground i think
Grenadine says: sorta under the table
Mircea says: 44 millionz of wealth
Daniel says: can’t see quantity of blueprints
Daniel says: 50 mn
Mircea says: 66.6 mn! FOR THE EVULZ
Daniel says: 70 mn
Mircea says: 75 million eulora copper coins in individual plastic wrappers!
Daniel says: 90 mn
Prince says: excellent bidding gents, do i have 100 from Mircea ?
Mircea says: one hunded. millions. AND! one once bitten full size drake’s coffee cake!
Prince says: Mircea nib ?
Grenadine says: hahaha
Mircea says: whats a nib ?
Prince says: new in box!v
Daniel says: 132 mn
Mircea says: 137 mn 773 thousand 211
Prince says: looking like a two horse race now, do i have 150 from Daniel ?
Daniel says: 150 mn
Prince says: ty
Mircea says: 170mn. and seven hundred seventy three thousand two hundred eleven.
Prince says: that’s 170`773`211 from Mircea. do i have 185 from Daniel ?
Daniel says: 185 mn
Prince says: ty again
Mircea says: no one can conquer the power of my eleven $@!$ sooo… 190mn
Prince says: do i have 200 Daniel ?
Daniel says: 200 mn
Prince says: do i have 225 Mircea ?
Mircea says: ok, since you’re asking so sexily, 225mn!
Prince says: the way only a prince can… Daniel, 250 ?
Daniel says: 250 mn
Mircea says: 300mn
Prince says: do i have 400 from Daniel ? we’re nearing eleventy hundred million! careful!
Mircea says: nah, you’re supposed to narrow it eventually, what is this 30% jumps so late eh.vi
Prince says: apologies. Daniel 330 ?
Daniel says: hmm
Korgan says: was wondering the auctioneers role in that
Daniel says: 330 mn
Prince says: ty sir
Prince says: Mircea do i have 350 ?
Mircea says: ugh.
Prince says: goin once…
Mircea says: eh fine, why not. 350 it is.vii
Daniel says: i’m out
Grenadine says: wow
Mircea says: dun dun DUN
Grenadine says: i think this comes to more than the hos in bsas made last night.viii
Prince says: oops sorryix
Mircea says: 3.3 btc? i bet. Prince pick up the scrolls then puit them in the trade window. then accept button is bottom left. right click the scrolls.x
Prince blushing at not seeing scrolls
Mircea says: they’re behind ya. yaay tybm
Korgan says: congrats!
Grenadine says: congrats
Prince says: a thousand apologies for the delays friends! let’s continue with our show.xi next up is one stack (9’999) improved stone adze blueprints, quality 150
Mircea says: 211 ecu!
Daniel says: 50 mn
Prince says: ahoy!
Mircea says: 211 mn ecu
Daniel says: 250 mn
Mircea says: 300
Prince says: Daniel do i have 330 ?
Daniel says: 320 mn
Prince says: Mircea 300 from good sir ?
Prince says: 330*
Mircea says: are you taking the 320 ?
Daniel says: 320 is 6% up
Prince says: 320 has been accepted from Daniel
Mircea says: 6.66 yea
Prince says: as an offer
Grenadine says: conspiracy…!xii
Prince says: not final yet!
Mircea says: how’s that work ?
Prince says: i have 320, do i have 330 ?
Mircea says: ok, 330.
Prince says: Daniel do i hear 340 ?
Daniel says: 340 mn
Prince says: to Mircea now. do i have 350 ? matching our day’s high ?
Mircea says: mmmmm. no. i’m out.
Prince says: any other parties ? going once… going twice… sold to Daniel for 350! 340*!!!
Mircea says: kik
Grenadine says: congrats Daniel
Daniel says: ty
Prince says: beautiful folks! just beautiful. let’s keep it rolling now.
Korgan says: congrats
Prince says: next up we have one stack (9’999) improved stone pickaxe blueprints, quality 150. behold!
Mircea says: a bee!
Daniel says: 1 ecu
Mircea says: 11 ecu
Daniel says: 111 ecu
Grenadine says: 1mn
Mircea says: 1111 ecu! darn.xiii 11 million ecu.
Daniel says: 111 mn
Mircea says: 222. SO THERE!
Daniel says: 300 mn
Prince says: Mircea do i have 325 ? Grenadine ?
Mircea says: no. i shall save my ecus, drake coffee cakes et all for better stuff. LIKE ALTARS.
Prince says: 300 from Daniel
Grenadine says: onoes
Prince says: going once, twice…. sold to the man with the beard!
Korgan says: wooo!
Daniel says: ty
Mircea says: grats!
Prince says: wunderbar! this is quite the event isn’t it folks. and we’re just getting started. 7 more lots to go.xiv
Mircea says: dun DUN dun
Prince says: next up is 5k chetty divining stick blueprints, quality 200. 1111 ecu
Grenadine says: 10mn
Daniel says: 20 mn
Mircea says: 11 mn. drat. 50 mn! ha HA!
Daniel says: 100 mn
Prince says: please keep up sir Mircea!
Mircea says: 111 mn
Prince says: i hear 111, do i hear 125 ? Daniel ? i have 111… going once… going twice..
Daniel says: 125 mn
Mircea says: o hey ma i won one
Prince says: ooo!
Mircea says: DAMNZ! 130mn
Prince says: Daniel do i hear 135 ?
Daniel says: 135 mn
Mircea says: 151mn AND 672 thousand TWO HUNDRED ELEVENTY!
Daniel is out
Mircea says: so there
Prince says: alright! sold! to Mircea for 151`672`211venty!
Grenadine says: hahaha now you have to make change ;D
Mircea says: keep the change my good man
Grenadine says: o. my schadenfreude. ;/
Prince says: rounding up! why ty sir!
Mircea says: lol
Prince says: you don’t see generousity like that everyday folks! alright, #5 on the docket. quality 230.xv Mircea as the winrar of the last lot can i ask you to start the bidding ?
Mircea says: 151mn AND 672 thousand TWO HUNDRED ELEVENTY! SO THERE
Daniel says: what is it and how mnay?
Prince says: a familiar number folks, not rounded. there are 2000 up for grabs Daniel. bandar toolkit blueprints. hot items im sure you’ll agree@! so we have 151`672`andchange from Mircea. do i hear 160 ?
Daniel says: 160 mn
Prince says: ty sir
Mircea says: 175
Prince says: Daniel do i have 185 ?
Daniel says: 185 mn
Prince says: ty. Mircea do i have 195 ?
Mircea says: 200 even
Prince says: lovely. Daniel 210 ?
Daniel says: 210 mn
Mircea says: 250.xvi
Prince says: aha. looks like Mircea wants it but does Daniel want it more ? do i hear 265 from Daniel ?
Prince says: going once…
Prince says: Mircea’s 250 going twice…
Daniel says: 265 mn
Mircea says: 290
Daniel is out :<
Prince says: 290 it is to good sir Mircea !
Mircea says: dun dundun
Prince says: we’re halfway there folks! and don’t be shy, you folks in the back
Mircea says: it looks like you’re slowly sinking into the ground from all that copper weight
Prince says: oh ? shall i drop some then ?
Mircea says: lel
Prince says: carrying on! #6 on the docket is 1`000 multifunctional samovar blueprints quality 250
Daniel says: 1 ecu
Prince says: do i have 1mn for these incredible specimens ?
Mircea says: 100 mn y este vaso de gaseosa.xvii
Prince says: 100! very generous of you. do i have 150 ? Daniel ?
Daniel says: where do you come up with these increments?
Grenadine says: lol
Prince says: my brain, where else ?xviii
Mircea says: 150 seems fair to me
Prince says: do i have 125 Daniel ?
Daniel says: 125 mn. ty sir
Mircea says: 133 mn
Daniel says: i mean it’ll prolly go that high but just so you know 100 mn is already like 400% of the base value
Mircea says: i dun think prince actually looked up the whole bv/qabv thing priorxix
Prince says: continuing! Daniel do i have 140 ?
Daniel says: 140 mn
Prince says: ty again
Mircea takes a bow
Daniel says: :O
Mircea says: and squeezes his madonna handpuppet
Prince says: do i hear 150 from anyone else in our esteemed audience ? or is this daniel’s for 140 ?xx
Daniel needs to wait 40 seconds to trade again
Daniel says: ah
Mircea says: have you been trading with yourself daniel ? :D
Prince says: have to give our friends a chance, yes ?
Daniel says: i thought it was over but yeah good point, where is everyone else!!xxi
Prince says: alright. 140 going once, going twice… lot #6 sold to Daniel for 140 mn ecu!
Daniel says: ty
Prince says: boom boom pow. number 7 now! lucky 7! but is anyone other than Daniel and Mircea feeling lucky ? let’s find out!
Foxy is peeking out from a pile of gnarly CPP code
Mircea says: lol
Prince says: now we have 200 world old screens, quality 300xxii
Foxy says: do we? o.O
Grenadine says: careful with the description thar
Daniel says: heh yeah, that would be worth ~0
Foxy says: ah, recipes
Mircea says: 75 ecu
Prince says: blueprints was operative, it seems
Mircea says: daniel i guess they mikght be repairable but yeh
Foxy says: 10k ecu!
Mircea says: 25k
Daniel says: where would you put them all??
Korgan says: 50k ecu
Grenadine says: 1mn
Mircea says: 60k! grenadine got like, 1 coin.
Prince says: i have 1 mn from lady grenadine!
Foxy says: 2mn!
Mircea says: 1 mn 110k. drat. 3mn
Foxy says: ahahha Mircea why so slow
Mircea says: it’s the pile of cpp gnarl.
Grenadine says: lol
Foxy says: well, it’s alive, but dumb, very, very dumb
Prince says: i have 3 mn from Mircea. do i have 4 mn from Foxy ? Grenadine ?
Grenadine says: 5mn here
Mircea says: 6.66 mn
Prince says: ty again!
Foxy says: 10mn
Mircea says: ELEVEN million
Prince says: a 3-way battle! our first of the afternoon, folks. do i hear 12 mn ? Foxy ? Grenadine ?
Foxy says: 13mn
Grenadine says: 15mn
Mircea says: 17.75 mn
Foxy says: 20mn
Mircea says: 22!
Foxy says: 25mn
Prince says: i hear 22, do i hear 23 ?
Mircea says: 28
Prince says: my turn to drat. do i hear 30 ?
Daniel says: 30 mn
Mircea says: 35
Daniel says: 40 mn
Mircea says: ONE HUNDRED. millions
Daniel says: wowza
Prince says: do i hear 105 ? Daniel ? Foxy ? Grenadine ?
Mircea says: also a framed picture of nancy reagan taken from her only stag film
Prince says: hard to price that on the spot but we’ll take it
Foxy is out; also: read “slag film”
Prince says: i have 100 from Mircea. going once…
Daniel is out
Mircea says: it’s from before she met ronald and turned into a prune
Prince says: going twice…
Grenadine says: lol Foxy
Prince says: sold to Mircea for ONE HUNDRED PLUS FRAMED NANCY PIC!
Mircea says: tadada
Foxy says: nice there Mircea, hopefully that unblocks some lbn and cons
Mircea says: should, definitely.
Prince says: only three lots to go folks! don’t hesitate now. #8 is 200 turning wheel BLUEPRINTS quality 300. fine stuff, this. very fine.
Mircea says: i bid whatever foxy bids but before she does it.
Prince says: do i hear 1 mn ?
Grenadine says: hahaha
Foxy says: 1mn
Prince says: ty madam
Foxy says: lol Mircea
Mircea says: 2!
Grenadine says: 5
Foxy says: 25mn
Mircea says: 29
Foxy says: awww, that was after and more!
Mircea says: i trick!
Foxy says: well not yet tock, lol
Foxy says: 35mn
Prince says: does anyone else care to treat ? 35…ty Foxy
Mircea says: 39
Prince says: i have 39 from Mircea. do i have 42 from Foxy ?
Foxy says: hm, was thinking 45mn, but ok, 42
Prince says: does Daniel want to jump in on the action ?
Mircea says: 45
Foxy says: 50mn
Mircea says: mwahahaha. PROPHECY COMPLETED
Daniel says: 75 mn
Prince says: ty sir
Mircea says: 111 mn
Prince says: do i have 125 from Foxy or Daniel ? more appetite at 120 ?one last shot at 115 for Foxy or Daniel ? 111 going once…
Daniel says: 115 mn
Prince says: ty again
Mircea says: pff!
Prince says: Mircea do i have 118 ?
Mircea says: neh.
Prince says: 115 going once… Daniel’s 115 going twice… sold!
Daniel says: ty
Foxy says: congrats daniel
Prince says: just two lots left! don’t be left behind now folks, let’s do this.
Mircea says: should be interesting
Prince says: up now are 10 small grotesque altar blueprints quality not 100, not 200, but 500!
Mircea says: 10mn the altars
Daniel says: 25 mn
Grenadine says: 50mn
Mircea says: whia. fifty…five mn ?
Prince says: is that a question or a bid sir?
Mircea says: it is a bid
Prince says: ty i have 55
Mircea says: from a man who went to pet a puppy and lost three arms and a house to the maw
Grenadine says: 70mn
Prince says: that sounds very sad sir, let’s see if we can’t brighten your day at the auction Mircea. i have 70. do i have 80 from Mircea ? Daniel ? i have 70 going once…
Daniel says: 80 mn
Prince says: ty sir
Grenadine says: 90mn
Prince says: can we crack the century Daniel ? Mircea ? can i hear 100 ? i have 90 going once…
Daniel says: 100 mn
Prince says: the century! ty sir
Grenadine says: 110mn here
Prince says: ty madam. can i hear 120 ? i have 110 from Grenadine going once… going twice…
Daniel says: 120 mn
Grenadine says: 145mn.
Prince says: this is like wwf/wwe wrestling folks! but without the script i swear!xxiii
Prince says: i have 145. Daniel do i hear 155 ?
Daniel says: 155 mn
Prince says: ty. Grenadine do i hear 165 ?
Grenadine says: 165
Prince says: ty as well. 175 Daniel ?
Daniel says: 175 mn
Grenadine says: 195mn
Mircea says: epic
Prince gets a kick out of the contrasting styles of these two! Daniel do i have 205 ? you can almost hear Daniel mashing the calc keys cant you folks ?
Prince says: alright 195 going once…
Daniel says: 205 mn
Mircea says: adelante chicos!!11 :D
Grenadine says: 220mn
Prince says: Daniel do i hear 230 ?
Daniel says: 230 mn
Prince says: ty
Grenadine says: 240
Prince says: Daniel 250 ? heady stuff here folks. defo one of our tougher battles today!
Daniel says: 250 mn
Prince says: ty again. Grenadine pick your number!
Grenadine says: eh..260mn.
Prince says: these are some solid small grotesque altars, that’s for sure. do i have 270 Daniel ?
Daniel says: 270 mn
Grenadine says: 300mn.
Prince says: ty both. we have 300. Daniel 315 ? 300 going once… going twice… sold! to Grenadine!
Grenadine says: o wow
Prince says: well bought madam!
Mircea says: ohohoh nice!
Foxy says: congrats Grenadine!
Prince says: fantastic stuff here folks. quite the show!
Mircea says: relentless once she gets her jaws locked is she
Grenadine says: whee
Mircea says: lol congrats
Prince says: and now onto our last lot for the afternoon, and what an afternoon,xxiv we have 2 grimy toolkit blueprints quality not 100, not 300, not even 500 but 630!
Mircea says: 5mn
Prince says: let’s make this last one count. don’t be left out!xxv we have 5
Daniel says: did you drop them? I have to figure out value from ingredients. oh sheesh
Prince says: we have 5 from Mircea. do i hear 10 ?
Grenadine says: …holy
aniel says: 10 mn
Mircea says: lol
Prince says: ty sir.
Mircea says: 15
Daniel says: 20 mn
Grenadine says: 25mn
Prince says: do i hear 30 ? Daniel ? Mircea ?
Daniel says: 30 mn
Prince says: ty
Grenadine says: 35mn
Prince says: i have 35, do i have 40 ? Grenadine’s 35 going once… going twice…
Foxy says: 40mn
Prince says: ok! just beating the hammer there!xxvi
Prince says: Daniel or Grenadine at 45 ?
Daniel says: meh
Prince says: or Mircea and anyone else of course!
Grenadine ‘s out
Prince says: foxy’s 40 going once… going twice..
Mircea says: yeah im out
Prince says: sold!!
Foxy says: ha
Mircea says: one helluva auction
Daniel says: aww everyone goes home with something. cept Korgan
Korgan says: i got entertainment value
Mircea says: well he goes home with his ecus
Foxy will move from fixing code to fixing tools, sheesh
Prince says: well that concludes the proceedings for today folks!
Korgan says: lool yep
Mircea says: unlike ~everyhone else lol
Prince says: you’ve been quite the audience!
Grenadine says: srsly
Korgan says: ill be one of these sunday bigshots someday
Mircea says: cool deal.
Foxy says: thanks Mr Waterbath for the auctioneering
Prince says: thank you to Mircea for the invitation to host this exceptional event. hope to see you all in-game soon. happy crafting!
Mircea says: “)
Prince says: Foxy the pleasure was mine
Prince says: cheerio!

As has been the case with pretty much every Eulora auction to date, L’Auctionne des Tooleries set a record for average mark-up over base value (664%), for average proceeds per item (212 mn ECu), and for total auction revenue (2.127 bn ECu).xxvii

So I can’t take much credit. With the emphasis on much!

___ ___ ___

  1. I vaguely recalled something about auctions taking place in town or at town hall or something to that effect but seeing as I didn’t previously give half a fuck about Eulora because, like blow, MMORPGs aren’t really my jam, god help me find any one thing in that vast digital landscape. In addition to compiling the game – no mean feat that required sourcing specialised hardware and familiarising myself with bizarre OSes – before the auction I’d managed to walk around the world a bit, dig my hands into the dirt slightly less, and meet a lovely ghost behind a spiked fence who didn’t see me fit to give a mission. And that was about it. Due to various graphics card issues, that alone took easily a dozen hours and how far is a guy doing pro bono work supposed to go ?

    Unfortunately, the answer was further than I did because I didn’t quite go far enough. Thankfully mother Mircea saved my ass and planted me right where I needed to be so that the show could go on. After a nervous few hiccups early on, I figured out how to drop items and make trades and the rest was straightforward. But shame on me for setting up my Euloraboxen with an old Apple mouse with only a single click button. Thankfully another mouse was close at hand or else I couldn’t even imagine the embarrassment that would’ve followed if yours truly, the all-too-green auctioneer, announced that he could neither drop nor pick up what appeared to be sticks but were in fact scrolls and that the auction would need to be delayed for an indeterminate amount of time while I went to the store.

    Anyways, speaking of graphics, does anyone know how to make the window bigger in Eulora ? I have but eyes, not binoculars.

  2. The minute spent trying to parse the above sentence felt like 10. Light of the Crystal ? Skepsis where ?  
  3. No trust! None I tell you! What am I gonna do, run with the coppers ?
  4. Yet neither sees blue, much like the greeks, or so the story’s told.
  5. Auction slang.
  6. First item, not easy to tell when late and early stages begin and end. For all I know it goes BitBet styles and dark horses jump in well after it was a “foregone conclusion” that there were only two horses remaining. Plus, I like testing limits.
  7. That’s 3.5 BTC, or USD $2500, at the moment. Not chump change.
  8. Not a bad wager, really.
  9. This is me flailing with trades. I declined the first one because I didn’t know how to pick up the item and drop it into the right box. Noob hiccups.
  10. There’s was only one scrolls and it looked like a stick. So 2.5 minutes later I’d switched computer mice and could actually right click. Et voila!
  11. Hiccup, what hiccup ? The show must go on!!!
  12. All because I wrote 300 instead of 320… Damn you lazy fingers! Always getting me in trouble.
  13. This is the obvious challenge of conducting auctions live by streaming text : by the time you’ve typed what you set out to type, it may well no longer be relevant, and in your efforts to type as quickly as possibly, mistakes abound. Not sure this is resolvable other than by being patient and methodical, making Eulora one of the few places on the planet extant encouraging such virtues.
  14. Having fully 10 lots appears to be an unusually large number from my rough understanding of Eulora auction history. No wonder MP wanted to bid this one himself!
  15. This is where I tested the assumption that everyone was reading along the trilema announcement with me, item by item. They weren’t.
  16. It’s jumps like this that only bidders can made. Auctioneers daresn’t even think ’em!
  17. “Glass of gas” has a ring to it in English, no ? Well “gaseosa” is Spanish for a fizzy drink aka soda, which serves to show that the language doesn’t delineate between carbonation and, say, chlorination, which can also be accomplished by the dissolution of a gas into water. No matter the gas added to the drink, it’s carbon! Come to think of it, that’s exactly where the whole carbon gargle came from : lazy coastalists.
  18. Riskers gonna risk. And I didn’t want to sit there all day watching Jim say “10” and Bob say “20” all the way up to 400 ten at a fucking time. It’s pointless.
  19. Princely because the whole bv/qabv thing seems to have no bearing in reality other than as a point of reference for records. It’s basically like looking up the P/E of a stock. Who gives a shit ? I’d still recommend AMZN over AAPL. Or to put it in auction terms : do you actually think you know what Mr. Bean’s twice-crashed McLaren F1 will sell for next time it hits the block ? I sincerely hope you’re more humble than that. I know I am.
  20. At this point Daniel tried to make the trade and I had to block. Gotta give the quiet kids in the back a shot too y’know.
  21. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, by which I mean that I say “sold”. Explicitly that.
  22. I chose to omit “blueprints” from the description here because i kept mistyping it and I legitimately had nfi it was in any way important. In fact I’m still not clear on the difference, which makes me very much like the green lumber trader that Taleb always talked about who thought that the lumber was actually green.
  23. WWF-cum-WWE-because-pandas is famous for the ultra-late, ultra-slow three-count. The distance between 2-3 can be twice or three times 0-1 or 1-2.
  24. These little en passent comments might seem like superfluous nothings when reading a transcript, but this is exactly and I do mean exactly what all the Clintontards missed when they got run over – completely blindsided – by the Trump Train. Salestalk is rife with subtle little gap-fillers that wrap you up, pull you in, and turn distance into deals. They might seem like off-hand nothings but this phenomenon is as old as language itself and tied very much into our ancient storytelling dispositions. Little comments seemingly tucked in-between quote-unquote real sentences build trust, relax listeners, and lubricate relationships between strangers. It’s how our monkey brains our wired.

    So it is that in much the same way that Kennedy won the TV debates and Nixon won the radio debates, Trump crushed the TV debates and Hillary “won” the “fact-checked” online debates on the MSM platforms. Too bad for her that the US is a TV nation.

  25. No one likes being left out.
  26. More accurately, she just beat the beating of the hammer. Let’s not be too loose with our beatings now.
  27. The total is about USD $17.5k at current rates, a figure that will look positively tiny in the not-so-distant future. I can promise you that.

7 thoughts on “A humble auctioneer and his record-setting first auction.

  1. Diana Coman says:

    You can actually drop items without a mouse – from the command line. As in: /drop Bandar Toolkit.

    While I’m all for lubricants and the like, they might each have their target. And – possibly – anti-targets as well.

    • Pete D. says:

      Good ol’ cli eh. Well thank you for the tip, Diana. I still have much to learn!

      As to lubricants, no doubt that many voted against Trump for entirely aesthetic reasons, finding his approach too salesy or slimy or downright sleazy. So no doubt that anti-targets abound, in Eulora as everywhere else. I appreciate the feedback and will be mindful of this should I don the auctioneer’s hat again.

      Quick edit : I also hope that my salesiness wasn’t taken too too seriously. It was intended to be a bit silly, a bit hammy. This requires some lightness of touch, and to your point, we can agree that the line from hardyharhar to shutthefuckupalready will be crossed for each person in a different place. This, if nothing else, is the challenge of the auctioneer.

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