Introducing Prince Waterbath.

As has been already been announced but just in case you missed it, I’ll be playing the role of auctioneer in the upcoming Eulora event – “L’Auctionne des Tooleries!” – on Sunday, January 15th. The only thing left to announce then is my in-game character. So without further ado, meet…

Prince Waterbath!

Prince Waterbath meets Eulora

Handsome devil, isn’t he ?i See you in-game!

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  1. Ssshush you! Let him think he’s a special little snowflake, what could it hurt ?

One thought on “Introducing Prince Waterbath.

  1. […] des Tooleries. As you already know, the lead-up to this auction is what led to the birth of Prince Waterbath, who got his feet rather wet earlier today. To explain a bit more, here’s the log from the […]

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