Intolerance to modernity.

A few years ago now I put two and two together and self-diagnosed gluten intolerance.i Ever since then, my digestion has been the paragon of proper, the apotheosis of appropriate. In short, I’m no longer constantly shitting my pants.

Ever the experimentalist, however, and never the slightest bit satisfied for what passes as glutenfrei bread, I recently took a stab at traditionally prepared sourdough. And would you believe that the millennia-old process of fermentation completely fails to flag my ever-attentive immune response ? It’s the damnest thing I tell you. Much like my intolerance of LED bulbs, app kultur, rush hour traffic, and McDonald’s pars pro toto, it turns out that gluten per se isn’t the bugaboo so much as modernity herself, which is particularly ironic given the intolerant roots of modern progressivism.

Uhh waitaminute Pete, aren’t you getting that backwards ? Aren’t modern progressivists the ones raising the unfit above their station,ii laundering domestic profits overseas,iii and generally using the state’s monopoly on currency and force to push kollektiv kumbayism at the expense of individual liberty ? Well, believe it or not Little Timmy, I meant what I said, and if you’re still confuzed, pull up a chair because Papa Pete is going to tell you a story, and you’re the star.

 ~THE YEAR IS 1875~

And you, my friend, are a bright young American with a thirst for greatness. This in and of itself is hardly remarkable, but what sets you apart from the bureaucrats, the prospectors, the slaves, the slave owners, the landholders, the gentry, the industrial magnates, and the rafts the Irish, Italians, and Jews poring into the ports is, quite simply, your adeptness for mathematics ; you’ve a head for numbers, as it were, and a keen interest in economics in particular. This makes you a cut above. And goshdarnit you know it! And you’ll be damned if you’re not going to make the most of your hot opportunity. Furthermore, the state of affairs around you, both domestically and abroad, worries you something fierce. And more than worries you, it sickens you to your core. The poverty and inequality, disparity and want, hunger and pain. And all of it preventable if only the right people were in power. People, frankly, like you.

If only good people like you were in control of the reins – with the help of science of course – the world would be such a better place! How not ? How could reasonable, reflective, and well-intentioned people such as yourselves, armed with first-class knowledge, data, and access to the levers of power do anything other than raise society to previously untold heights of peace and prosperity ? Of course, the path to redemption would be hard. Of course, the path would be fraught with obstacles and detours. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy and there may be no other reward than the work itself and the personal knowledge that you’ve done your part to make the world a better place. But it would be worth it. Oh God it would be so worth it to do the Right Thing for others, for future generations, and for history.

But where would you, and your brilliantly educated ilk,iv even start ? Well, we’d have to limit the propagation of inferior racial stocks for starters. That would mean limiting the reproductive rates of Jews, Irish, Catholics, and Asians by any means necessary in order to create breathing room for productive Anglo-Saxon families to sustain themselves without being unfairly undercut by the faster breeding mongrel races. From a domestic policy perspective, this will ultimately mean the institution of a federal minimum wage in order to keep untrained and uneducated undesirables from low-balling employers,v as well as the Jim Crow lawsvi and stricter immigration politics, and from a foreign policy perspective, this will mean the the US should withdraw support during India’s famine for the sake of worldwide race improvement.vii There’s more to do than just this, of course, but it’s a start.

Your protection of the better races – and by extension the improvement of humanity as a whole – will cost money, obviously, and so too will it require that you have exclusive dominion over the ignorant so as to protect them from themselves and the fragile better world you’re building.viii This will entail the first-ever income tax in order to support the budding administrative stateix ; this will entail the professionalisation of economics so as to curate the data requirements and policy directions of the statex ; and this will entail a new era of man as being above base survivalism. You have it all mapped out – from policy to financing to societal betterment. Or so you think.

What you don’t foresee is iatrogenics. What you don’t foresee is the unbearable and unsustainable tolerance of your intellectual descendants and what they don’t foresee is that intolerance is the only winning strategy. What they don’t foresee is that intolerance is strictly necessary for survival.

Even if it’s just to bread.


___ ___ ___

  1. It started out as a “low-carb” / “paleo” sort of thing while I was midway through losing the 50 lbs I’d tacked on in post-secondary (which took 7 years to put on and 18 months to take off). I started out by limiting myself to 100g of carbohydrates per day and then eventually 50g, quite serendipitously resolving my previously irrepressible indigestion in the process.

    Even today, some half-a-decade later, when I’m on my game, I’ll still aim for sub-100g six days per week. Sub-50g is not only that much more psychological taxing, but also sends me into ketosis after about a week and makes my breath smell sweet and sickly like I have diabeetus.

  2. See le pauvre Bahamas The Lame.
  3. See every African child project always and forever.
  4. Of course, you were educated by the brightest minds in the world of the day : the historicist professors in von Bismarck’s Germany, from whom you’ve adopted the theory of the state as an organism more important than the mere individual.

    (This, of course, can only lay the foundation for a massive Socialist v. Socialist battle royale in the middle of the next century, one that will leave both sides – with the exception of the death-embracing Japanese* and equally death-embracing Russians** – into an all-too-brief climax of industrial relevance before an equally sharp denouement into self-indulgent barbarism.)
    ___ ___

    *There are somewhere around 25k suicides in Japan every year, waaay above the average for industrialised nations. Japan also has the notion of people “evaporating,” which largely serves the same social purpose.
    **If you haven’t already, watch Russian dash cam footage on YouTube sometime. Calling the Russian essence “fatalist” doesn’t quite capture the fullness of their affection for come-what-may, damn-the-torpedoes, fuck-it-allism. 

  5. Women can also undercut men for wages, undermining man’s ability to be the sole provider for his family and thus, in a vicious self-reinforcing cycle, force evermore women into the workplace as their husbands’ wages are slashed by degrees.
  6. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th United States President, was pro-Crow because, he said, the freedmen were “unpracticed in liberty, unschooled in self control, never sobered by the discipline of self support, never established in any habit of prudence… insolent and aggressive, sick of work, [and] covetous of pleasure.” Without the Jim Crow laws mandated segregation, he said, blacks “were a danger to themselves as well as to those whom they had once served.” Oh how he would’ve looked at 21st century prison statistics and shook his finger at all those who thought him out-of-touch! 
  7. Richard Ely is on the record as saying as much.
  8. Today, this is why “our democracy is broken,” why “Brexit should’ve never been allowed to happen because voters weren’t informed”, and similar, associated, and highly selective ex post rationalistations for why, from sea to shining sea, globalists are currently getting their asses handed to them on plastic platters (made in China ofc). The electoral college is fine for as long as Shillary is in office and also Putin doesn’t understand how the world works but somehow influences elections and so on and so forth along the never-ending Markov chain of the unexamined libertard mind. Sigh.
  9. Outright theft has been the modus operandi of the administrative state ever since.
  10. Thus were born the bastard fathers of the despicable charlatans ca-cawing around the roost to this day.

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    Even if it’s just to bread.

    You want us to bread more? We really do kneed your advice, Pete!! :P

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