Obama The Lame.

“Such a visionary President”, “A beacon”, “So popular and loved”, “Such an important symbol of democracy and progress”… These are just a few of the widely held libertard (ie. racist) delusions relating to the lame duck 44th President of the United States.i But really, if Barrack Hussein Obama – whom we disaffectionately call Hussein Bahamas – died tomorrow, Canadian PM Trudeau would whip out his cookie-cutter eulogy and it’d fit like a glove.ii

So it is that just because youiii never heard a deNIGrating word about Bahamas from the variously bankrupt journajews, doesn’t mean that either he or they are going to heaven. Your cheap funtoy cracked under the pressure and spent the last 8 years breaking the overwhelming majority of his campaign promises and making your “country” worse off in essentially every way describable.

So now that the Trumpreich is underway,iv let’s take a moment to sit down together and review a few of the more salient dark marks on Obama’s permanent record :

Foreign affairs :
— Created ISISv
– Emboldened Russiavi
– Fomented international distrustvii
– Kept Guantanamo openviii
– Indiscriminately bombed Yemenisix
– Gave up South China Seax

Domestic affairs :
— Ferguson burnedxi
– Obamacare smolderedxii
– Mass shootings explodedxiii
– Inflation took flightxiv
– Unemployment skyrocketedxv
– Infrastructure crumbledxvi
– Destroyed Democratic Partyxvii

That Bahamas did more harm to his “country” than his slightly goofy predecessor can hardly be debated, even if you’re a racist for so much as suggesting it.xviii A more hope-crushing and malevolent spirit Americans could scarcely have prayed for, but there he was and there he goes.

Still, the night is darkest right before the dawn.

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  1. These are held by the same sorts of idjits who slapped “Hillary 2016” bumper stickers on their Subies and Prii, whether or not they were even eligible voters (as in the case of countless Canadians).
  2. “A legendary revolutionary and orator, [insert despot name here] made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.”

    Of course, Trudeau would thereafter be lambasted in the exact same way for the exact same reasons as he was when he applied the same hollow toadiness to Castro. But learning lessons isn’t the socialist way, y’know ?

  3. Yes, YOU, the ostrich who only reads Pravda NOT FAKE NOOZ ™
  4. Despite what I let pass for wording on certain bets, the Trumpreich is off to the races. Make no mistake.
  5. By withdrawing from Iraq, targeting the kooky Gaddhafi instead of the eagle-eyed Assad, and by unwisely trimming Mubarak’s piggy bank at such a pivotal moment, Bahamas permitted the Middle East to destabilise in such a way that a gigantic power vacuum opened up, unleashing hydra’s multifarious heads and catalysing ISIS. This was typical libertard IYI first-order thinking at its finest. “Let’s go kill the bad guys” is all well and good, as more reflective men like Duterte have intuited for decades, but unless you’re explicitly filling the consequent void with your own ass, or an ass that you’ve hand-picked, chances are that entropy will hand you that said same ass on a silver platter, which is exactly what’s happened.

    Pandora’s Box was opened by the Mulato-In-Chief and it’ll take decades to recover, if not centuries. That’s right kiddos, it’s Bahamas’ fault that Europe is being flooded with immigrant dick right now, just like it’s his fault that ancient temples and artifacts have recently been lost forever at the orcish hands of the newest band of “burn it all” progressives in the once-fertile crescent.

  6. See Crimea. Once Putin saw that Bahamas really was a limp-dick Harvardite who couldn’t back up his “Red Line” against Assad, he knew that he’d be largely unchallenged in his westward territorial expansion. So off he went to claim his second deep sea port : Sevastopol.
  7. See Snowden / Manning revelations in general and Cisco fiasco in particular.
  8. So much for the “hyooman rights” campaigning platform eh.
  9. It’s almost like Bahamas went to terrorist training school himself. Can you blame half of the US population for thinking this asshole is a Muslim ?
  10. Fight, what fight ?  
  11. Bahamas was powerless to stop a midsize town in Missouri from collapsing into civil war at the hands of his African brethren.
  12. Mandatory premiums have doubled and tripled since the plan’s inception, all while the number of insurance providers willing to stick out their necks for the most useless and worthless segments of the population has dwindled on the vine.
  13. Admit it, you lost count of all the mass shooting. You became numb to the scale and frequency of them. How not ?
  14. See art.
  15. See chart.
  16. Airport security theatre took on previous unknown proportions of suck, putting the US on par with Somalia for departure and arrival wait times. Additionally, rail cars assploded, bridges fell into rivers, and completely nonviable car companies were propped up so that they could continue to make what are undeniably the most uncompetitive hunks of plastic, rubber, and dumb for sale anywhere on the continent. And lest we forget that perfectly usable older cars were scrapped in the 2009 Cash For Clunkers scam, a move that created more environmental pollution than Chernobyl and had precisely zero impact on new vehicle sales.

    This is what it means to self-destruct : beyond his failure to invest in upgrading failing infrastructure, Bahamas actively bombed what he had.

  17. Hillary wasn’t investigated for corruption and never saw the Trump Train coming straight for her precisely because Bahamas et al. treated her like a fucking petulant child who couldn’t possibly handle the nude criticism she so richly deserved. How sexist, right ? 
  18. You’re obviously not a racist for telling a moron he’s a moron, but that hardly prevents the racist libertards from treating Bahamas like a fucking petulant child who couldn’t possibly handle the nude criticism he so richly deserves. And are you noticing a trend yet ? No matter how you brand it, it’s a fucking embarrassment. 

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  1. Pete D. says:

    Arguably, Breitbart has just done it better. Do give them a read.

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