Why you can’t afford globalisation anymore.

Incoming President Elect Donald Trump and his protectionisti platform for job creation swept the ballots barely two weeks ago, crushing an ancient, corrupt, globalist, corporatist, Davosistii dried-up milkbag by a margin of 306-232 electoral votes. Amerika has spoken and she’s articulating loudly and clearly that, sorry “progressives,” but the proud white middle class won’t be sailing quite so quietly into the night on an imported persian carpet ride gangbang after all. There are men right here, thank you very much, and they’ve had quite enough of your cavalier bitchslaps, thank you very much. “This ain’t yurp darlin’!”iii

Anyways, ladies, although you aren’t entirely to blame, you just did what you do amirite, it’s not at all evident how much you thought those poor middle class white folks could take of your patronising verbal abuse,iv sexual discrimination,v and outright racism,vi but you reaaaallly crossed the line when you elected that politically inept deportapotamous, that health insurance crook dressed up as a warmongering Kenyan.vii So now that you’ve spent the better part of the last decade swinging the eternal political pendulum so far to the left that it almost hit universal franchise for amoeba, it’s high time to retake the reigns of responsibility and swing the ol’ girl back to the right where she belongs. So it is that the climate change agenda is gone with the wind, the myth of collective security is done like dinner, identity politics are a thing of the past, and employment quotas are yesterday’s news. It was fun while it lasted but now it’s time to man up.viii There’s quite simply no other choice. Higher degrees of interconnectedness simply reveal higher and higher degrees of inequality, a shameful egg upon the faces of the would-be, want-to-be middle classes.

For as long as the Trizyantine ReSoviets of Amerika see themselves as a national state as their predecessors the Russians did – somehow, someway, despite the gross differences between New Hampshirians, Californians, Texans, Ohioans, and Oregonians – such is their intended mass delusion and consequently their cross to bear. So for as long as the Union’s a thing, and even thereafter, the laws of thermodynamics being immutable as they are and the ultimate dissolution of the Union as inevitable as goose migration, states of any size will necessarily turn their gazes increasingly inwards in a fight against the stark naked truth that their electorate is globally uncompetitive. Only through isolationism and protectionismix can any meatdistrict hope to stem the outflow of resources, knowledge, and technology ; and in doing so foster any sort of innovation, lasting value, or internal coherence.

Accordingly, you can fully expect each meatdistrict with even a modicum of self-preservation to soon employ its own social media blackhole, if it hasn’t already, its own strong-man-elect,x if it hasn’t already, its own basic manufacturing capabilities,xi if it hasn’t already, and with enough public floggings,xii public executions,xiii and a healthy helping of luck, some technology and civilisation to call its own.

It’s the end of “our” globalism as we know it. There’s quite simply no other choice other than whoredom.

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  1. Protectionism – contrary to the drivel expounded by your racist, hateful parents (eg. Leah McLaren) with their corrupted pretenses to importance and their mistaken belief that they understand the world better than their 4-year-olds, despite considerable evidence to the contrary as the parents are the ones presently being blindsided by history, not their innocent offspring – isn’t a bad thing. In fact, as I intend to explain in this very article, protectionism is sine qua non for nation state survival in the 21st century. 
  2. Davosism is the irredeemable school of IYI fraudulent first-order-only “thought” that orbits around annual, anal-retentive conpherences in, you guessed it, Davos, Switzerland. Adherents of the school include such illuminaries as Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Cass Sustein, Hussein Bahamas, and Tony Blair. 
  3. Europe is another story altogether and it’s not clear that Germany, France, England, Italy, or Spain are up to the task of kicking out the arabs. Hungary, Poland, and Switzerland stand the best chance at this point, having made early and decisive moves against the invading hordes as they have. The rest of the EU is still a bit of a toss up at this point.
  4. Eg. “OMG you like totally have so much white male priviledge, you sack of thankless shit, and you don’t even know how lucky you are so just gimme your job and move along honey.”  
  5. Eg. “OMG we’re like totally promoting women above and beyond even the Peter Principle because it’s 2016 and glass ceiling is STILL THERE so just gimme your job and move along honey.”
  6. Eg. “OMG we’re like totally going to give this unqualified “coloured” candidates special placements in your schools and workplaces and then shame you into treating these Untermenschen like Ubermenschen so just gimme your job and move along honey.” 
  7. Bahamas is the first US President to have been at war for the entirety of his two terms in office. As such, he’s irreparably tarnished the Nobel Peace Prize, to say nothing of his nation’s top office. Expect both the award and the mulato to be entirely ignored by anyone worth the while going forward, just as he was for the past eight years. There’s no room for on this planet for frauds.
  8. From the far-sighted logs just a few days before the election :

    asciilifeform: Here’s one local example from the nowhere company town where asciilifeform lives. At one time Uni of MD was on cost-cutting spree (as usual, quite selectively, but see below) and merged ~all~ of the sciences into 1 mega-department – chemistry, microbiology, physics, etc. all under 1 roof; then the idea of doing the same to the ‘womanities’ was floated and there was epic butthurt, almost as if they had suggested gassing the jews or whatnot.
    mircea_popescu: Heh.

    asciilifeform: How RACIST. The idea! of firing a bunch of monkeys redundantly appointed in 101 various ‘studies’ depts.
    mircea_popescu: It’s altogether unclear the “social” “sciences” actually have reason to hold a chair at all. And this includes ALL of them : physchology, economy, what have you.

    asciilifeform: End result, monkeys – kept their jobs, every one, and have busily created more of themselves for past 5 yrs or so since this incident
    mircea_popescu: Free food!
    asciilifeform: ‘Reason’ in this case is that they are the politruks.

    mircea_popescu: That’s not much reason. It is a cause, obviously, but that’s a different story. The logic is judicious from the POV of Socialist Empire : the marginal utility of STEM is actually nil, because whatever rocket they invent the Russkis will steal and the Chinese will make cheaper anyway ; whereas the marginal utility of http://btcbase.org/log/2016-11-05#1563151 is manifest : however many are needed to brew a head of fucktoys required by Bill De Blasio to forget the monkey at home. The per-hooker value to bill is quantifiable, 20 bux or whatever ; and then this splits up into per-social-scientist benefit of whatever, fiddy cents. Meanwhile the per-discovery value to bill is unquantifiable, and if quantified usually comes to ~0. so filling the field with “social science” tards is very reasonable, in that logic. There’s a reason medieval empires always included sumptuary laws, which prevented the margins from benefitting from the discoveries/technologies. yes this has a cost in terms of aggregate productivity, BUT that cost can, and in practice usually is, offset by the benefit in political structuring. if the only way to get an iPad were to be on the list approved by Bill, then Bill’d have a direct incentive to fill U-of-M with physics dudes. If there’s free flow of tech, then his only incentive is to optimize for max whoredom. Which in the end is just another statement of that ancient observation that “our” modern democracy is cancer.

  9. Which is to say, the diametric opposite of the “free trade” gargle espoused by Yogi-In-Chief Justin Trudeau during his trip to Buenos Aires earlier this week. You’d swear the kid does nothing but travel and “promote” shit on the federal dime, as if a lack of international promotion rather than the lack of Keystone XL, Energy East, and Northern Gateway pipeline construction was at all the concern for the soi-disant country’s economy.
  10. Eg. Putin, Erdogan, or Duterte.
  11. Eg. clothing, ceramics, composites, cars. Hell, even Crapple is looking at repatriating iPhone production to the States. You know economic nationalism is making a resurgence when incoming White House Strategist Stephen K. Bannon compares himself point blank to Thomas Cromwell
  12. Look up the knout sometime.
  13. How else to teach lessons ? Really, how ??

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