Duterte anecdotally.

From one of my Philipino “personal servantsi :

  • Duterte is Roman Catholic, as with >85% of the population, if not a very good one.ii
  • He’s reduced the influence of the drug trade by committing “judicial” killings.iii
  • He’s a much fairer President than that of her youth, Ferdinand Marcos, who served from 1965 – 1986 and invoked martial law continuously from 1972 – 1981.iv
  • The country as a whole is more peaceful today than it was under the previous administration, largely thanks to Duterte’s impact in reducing illegal drug trafficking.v
  • He runs his mouth more freely than previous Presidents, more in the vein of US President Elect Donald Trump.vi

The smallness of his molecularity was not a subject broached. Gotta leave something for next time.vii

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  1. She’s ostensibly just a nanny and therefore limited to Kinderbetreuung, but she’s also taken on cleaning, laundry, baking, snow-shoveling, leaf-raking, and more – some of her own go-getting volition and some explicitly directed. She really is absolutely wonderful.
  2. Duterte is on the record as calling the Roman Catholic Church “hypocrites” and “sons of whores,” which apparently constitutes his two favourite epithets as these were also his carefully chosen words for outgoing US President Bahamas. Funny how that hate of the establishment expresses itself eh.
  3. The now-gutted MSM in the “civilised” world has repeatedly called Duterte’s executions “extrajudicial” despite the tsar-like powers embodied in the President of the Philippines, but at least one Philipino omits the “extra” in describing this strong man’s acts of house cleaning. A more telling omission we can scarcely conceive in painting a picture of a local’s perspective. Not that my nanny has been a local for a decade, but as the eldest surviving member of her 10-child family (she’s fourth-born but apparently the cancer mortality rates are something fierce there, certainly in the face of a sustainable health care system that only accounts for 4.5% of the national budget) so she supports 15-20 extended family members back home and keeps in very regular contact with them accordingly.
  4. She was genuinely surprised to learn that martial law in Canada has only ever been implemented during wartimes aside from a few short months in Quebec in 1970 during the “October Crisis,” and not for an arbitrary number of years on end as had been her experience
  5. This reduction in overall violence and the improved sense of peace experienced by local Philipinos is exactly – and I do mean diametrically – the opposite of what Soros and the rest of the jewmedia would have you believe, but then again they also convinced you that Shillary was a shoe-in and we all know how that worked out.
  6. Trump’s victory was nothing if one of liberating political incorrectness over stultifying political correctness, so that the two are cut from the same cloth in this regard only further lends credence to the theory that the libtards overplayed their hand, went too far in pushing social “progress” simply by sovietly castrating the acceptable dictionary because nature could no more be conquered in a generation by mere empty suits than could a cat learn to fly, and that the pendulum is now swinging back towards appeler un chat un chat
  7. This article may be updated with additional anecdotes should any of my other Philipinos – without whom my personal life as well the lubricated functioning of a healthy degree of the service economy locally would deteriorate catastrophically – provide further insight into Duterte’s person or politics.

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