“I’m too lazy” and other excuses that “people” say.

Quoth the most righteous logs :

Framedragger: Test http://btcbase.org/log/2013-05-02#11302i
a111: Logged on 2013-05-02 07:10 truff1es: buttsex has been discussed in here dont worry
scriba: Logged on 2013-05-02: [07:10:55] <truff1es> buttsex has been discussed in here dont worry 

Framedragger: (Switching off scriba for btcbase. Will later automate this)
phf: (Note that the two arrows are not part of message)
Framedragger: Yeah i know. I was too lazy.

trinque: This is not a point of fucking pride.
Framedragger: What?

trinque: This programmer thing “Oh I am lazy lolz”. To hell with it.ii
Framedragger: Sure, but by that metric most of software should be discarded a priori. I agree it’s not a good thing; this will get fixed when other, important stuff gets fixed.

trinque: Much better way of putting it.
Framedragger: And yet sometimes we speak colloquially because we prefer to!

shinohai: I used “lazy” in my bickening response, which pretty much meant I was focused more on other boiling pots at the time.
trinque: What it means is this limp dicked “I did a thing but don’t judge me pls” that produced the mountain of filth in which we live.

pete_d: Sounds like saying “I’m lazy” in #trilema is like saying “I’m a terrorist” on a plane.
trinque: I have no patience for it. And arguing from the context of a dead culture buys nothing. “Oh this is what people say.”

Is the way you think trinque should’ve handled this situation ? Was he being unfair, perhaps ? How about mean or unnecessarily unconstructive ? Should he have handled it more politely in the vein of Dale Carnegie and instead been hearty in his approbation and lavish in his praise ?

The fuck he should’ve! Life’s short and we’re all swimming in socialistoid shit up to our necks! If we don’t beat back bald-faced buffoonery – no matter how “innocent” nor “unintentional” nor “well meaning” – we let evil win. That’s all it takes : for good men to do nothing. It’s actually sort of incredible how easy it is to take it lying down ; how utterly “acceptable” and “uncomplicated” it is not to speak up when you see wrongdoing, especially within your inner sanctum – especially within your WoT.iii

So the next time you hear “I’m too lazy” or another equally limp-dicked excuse that other “people” use all the time mkay, strap a fresh petrol tank on your flamethrower and get to torchin’. Agency goes to the active, life’s for the living, and all that other good stuff.

Laziness : it’s for the lizards.

___ ___ ___

  1. As you’ll recall from the new #trilema bots directory, both a111 and scriba read lines from the logs. What Framesicles was testing here was that his bot, scriba, was still reading lines on btcbase, which is phf’s log version and is supported by phf’s a111 bot… normally. However a111 was down temporarily and Framedaddy swooped in to fill the void, which was (sorta) fine and dandy for as long as a111 was down, but instantly becomes a trashy annoyance – like the kid who repeats everything you’re saying once a111 is back online, eg. “How’s it going ?” “How’s it going ?” “Why are you saying what I’m saying ?” “Why are you saying what I’m saying ?” “Hey stop doing that!” “Hey stop doing that!” **kerfuffle ensues** etc.
  2. Being a programmer of some distinction himself, trinque has undoubtedly seen this “Hurr durr I’m a lazy oaf and that’s okay” idiocy in that domain more than any other, but as someone who’s seen a wider assortment of industries in his day, you can rest assured that this anti-exceptionalism is in no way and to no degree unique to the field of software development.

    If listening closely enough, the variations on this theme that one hears is nothing short of remarkable. A cute young girl I hang out with sometimes recently excused herself from going out on the town on a Friday night with “I go to bed early because I’m an old lady like that” as if i) anyone but grandchildren give two shits about old ladies, ii) this young girl’s prime years weren’t RFN and hanging out with me or anyone of similar position weren’t her best shot at a sustainable meal ticket, and last but not least iii) this were in any way acceptable. Y’know, exactly like the lazy thing, the dating thing, etc., etfc.

  3. But don’t take my word for it, here’s Horace with the invocation :

    Dare to be wise! Begin!
    The man who would reform, but hesitates, is kin
    Unto the boor who waits until the stream is gone ;
    But ever flows the stream, and ever will flow on.

7 thoughts on ““I’m too lazy” and other excuses that “people” say.

  1. That’s all it takes : for good men to do nothing.

    Oh hey. An Atlas Shrugged reference. Ofc.

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  3. Mitchell says:

    I took it upon me to do as prescribed here. One can get a stinging response, but the truth can hurt.

    Will continue.. gracias Pete.

    • Pete D. says:

      Three things : it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it ; some people will still be butthurt bitches no matter how craftily you put it ; you may not be the man for the job regardless – some people can get away with things that others can’t – life’s unfair like that.

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