Dear America: Pull up your pants, your inadequacy is showing.

Ed Kim InstatoolIt’s not just the freshly demoted Tor “technical team” and their deluded pretenses to relevancei that point to severe retardation in America, it’s also the unshakeable sense that almost everyone there feels a deep sense of inadequacy.ii It’s a sort of decaying stench of epicurianism and silken slippersiii throughout this expansive new continent. Just pick up a rock and look underneath – there are creepy crawlers galore!

At its core, it’s the deep yearning for relevance in the 21st century that most besots the American psyche – pushing it to the brink of internal narrative coherence and beyond. While the Chinese are using their position as the world’s performance engineiv to lap up but modest supercarsv and little pockets of real estate here and there, Americans are using their position as the world’s rusted tail pipe to belch the black smoke of homogeneity, equality, and apocalypticism to the four corners of our fair blue planet. It’s not fair, is it! But that’s ok, because we don’t actually need all that stuff we clearly want anyways.

So it is that “#notcommunists” isn’t the only thing beyond Ed’s comprehension, equally bewildering and equally beggaring belief is how the US can call itself a the richest “democracy” in the world rather than a “rogue terrorist state“. The only difference is the political incorrectness of the latter statement, not its factual accuracy. The kicker, of course, is that Chinese know they’re not communist. And yet their flavour of communism isn’t far off the ideal political system dreamed up by Plato these 2.4 millennia ago, while the US political system fails as a reasonable approximation of anything ever conceived by any intelligent person in the history of forever, at least as much as Picasso’s Guernica approximated the Spanish Civil But perhaps that’s another story.

The point is that the Green Revolution dreamed up by leftists has worked : they’re green with envy.

Those fools. Those idle fools.
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  1. So you worked for the NSA and you think you should be a reality TV star now ? Sorry, that only works if your name is Edward Snowden. No one ever seriously used Tor. It’s long been a laughingstock.
  2. Canada, I can attest, is little better. Mexico idem. Hell, we might as well include South America while we’re at it. So don’t think I’m unfairly picking on the UStards to the south to the exclusion of the rest. There are pockets of intelligence, sure, but they’re moreso in individual houses than in any more broadly defined geography in particular.
  3. As opposed to wooden shoes. Still no bells ringing ? Read Voltaire sometime wouldja.
  4. Not that TMSR is any slouch when it comes to performance. Hey Ma, check out ma jee-dee-pee!
  5. It’s moreso the Saudis and Emiratis that are lapping up the really high end kit a la Chiron, LaF, Lagonda, etc.
  6. I’ve seen Pablo’s chef-d’oeuvre in person too. Twice. It’s a wonder to behold, mostly for its scale, but a mother crying to the heavens with her dead child in her arms is only exceptional if it is, id est you’re sheltered. It’s not unique to war, it’s unique to life.

    I get that Guernica’s a caricature, but the point is that the US is too.

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