From the Round House on Sally’s Pond.

Low-trammeled cott’n [candy],
Paissage air,
Dockside canoe plus bienvenue
On Dawn’s pointe réfléchie,
Monks laud ringing nearby ;
Nearly Autumn kindles colours,
Sa rouges et jaunes some weeks from now,
Even more dit mon solipsiste,
Woodpecker tok and canard wad’le;
Whistling tik and wafting talk of why,
Petit chemin she’s no excuse,
Levitate on Sally’s bluest!

With apologies to Henry David Thoreau (d. 1862)

One thought on “From the Round House on Sally’s Pond.

  1. […] house in the background of the top photo is, of course, the one and only Round House. What feels like only yesterday was in fact six years ago, when the mighty SRT8 392 was right in […]

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