“At least the US government is not overtly confiscating the assets of the general population at this very moment.”

Motto : This week’s news confirms that it’s quite easy for a thief to confiscate your Bitcoin. At least the US government is not overtly confiscating the assets of the general population at this very moment.

This week’s news being the Bitfinex bubble bursting and their long foreseen ponzi scheme and inbred incompetence coming home to roost. The counterpoint to the incredibly ill-conceived contention as to the USG and its present confiscatory practises is thus, in alphabetical order :

  • Capital gains tax
  • Carbon/Environmental tax
  • Civil asset forfeiture
  • Estate tax
  • Government schools
  • Government hospitals
  • Government welfare of all descriptions (eg. FDIC, Freddie, Fannie)
  • Import/Export duties
  • Income tax
  • Industry-specific subsidies (eg. farming)
  • Legalised marketing
  • Liquor/Tobacco/Sin tax
  • Registered Savings Plans
  • Regulatory compliance (eg. AML/KYC)
  • Sales tax
  • Quantitative Easing (ie. inflation tax)

Etc etc etc. The list goes on and on and on. In summa : au contraire bonjour. But what this far from exhaustive list doesn’t do is prevent out-and-out ignorance from hiding these inevitable abuses of trust under the rug so that children who’ve never known another world than the disheveled and maladaptive one they’ve been born into raise nary a question much less a finger in protest. African children know they’re being stolen from everyday, their parents dutifully remind them as much, but American children ? No such luck for all but a few.

Is the ignorance of the American child blissful ? Sure, but his hunger and virility are perishable commodities. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, no matter how blissfully or bitterly they were spent. This is for keepsies. This is it.

So now that you know that you’re being stolen from, what are you doing to fight back ?

8 thoughts on ““At least the US government is not overtly confiscating the assets of the general population at this very moment.”

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