Modernists: Fixing self-made problems since 1964. And before.

Nineteen-sixty-four was the year that the Ford Mustang and Porsche 911 were released, both of which marked high cultural watermarks for the two post-war powers of America and Germany, respectively. It was however also the first year of US President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” – just nineteen years after the end of the last Great Wari – which marked the beginning of the Great Social Experiment (aka Great Society) that would be the cultural undoing of every reach of the American Empire… just as it was with its predecessor the CCCP.

Fifty-two years on, the raging and ragingly incompetent War on Nouns has birthed the “transgender bathroom problem.” To witii :

Narrator : I’m a transgender woman. I was born with a male body but inside I always knew I was female so I transitioned and now I live everyday as the woman I’ve always known myself to be. It can be hard to understand what it means to be transgender, especially if you’ve never met a transgender person. In most states, our laws don’t protect transgender people from discrimination in public places or when it comes to using the restroom, something we all need to do everyday. I have lived as a woman for many years. Most people, when they stop and think about it, they realise that when businesses can legally force me to use the men’s room, it puts me at risk for harassment and violence. Safety and privacy in bathrooms are important for all of us. It’s already illegal to enter a restroom to harm someone and anyone who does that can and should be arrested. Updating the laws to protect gay and transgender people won’t change that but it would help to ensure that people like me aren’t mistreated when we need to do something as basic as using the restroom.

The solution is obvious : do away with single-gender public bathrooms and replace them all with unisex bathrooms. Fuck segregation!iii Really, have you ever been to anyone’s house where there were distinct men’s and women’s bathrooms ? This division is a completely bizarre and entirely delusional bit of “progress,” one created out of some narrative fiction about how wimminz need to be “safe” and “private” and away from smelly menz in order to gossip and make pee-pee or something. But zooming out, we see that this trumped-up fantasyland “problem” isn’t the least bit unlike the host of other “problems” created by the modern mega-state that it then sees fit to “solve,” quite in spite of the fact that said same problems wouldn’t be problems in the first place if the state just got the fuck out of the way and left people (not everyone, just individuals ie. the rich sons of bitches) do as they please when they please.iv Leaving the nobility to handle their own affairs in private is the only sustainable political solution.

What the modernist rabble is attempting with the bathroom brouhaha is no different than the cancer, retirement, sexismracism, human rights, homelessness, ADHD, opiate addiction, etc. “problems” that the soi-disant state has created in its disfigured image just so it has something to do and therefore a pretense to tax the productive and feed the worthless shitheadsv with the proceeds of their daylight theft… for now.

The pendulum swings both ways.

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  1. Or should I say, the most recent great war. The next one is right around the corner.
  2. H/T to Jim for the link. Dunno about “powerful” but hey, the view’s a little different inside the lamestream media echo chamber.
  3. 1964 was also the year that Prez Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. Because rights are a thing but being black isn’t… Just like words on a page are a thing but being poor is just a state of mind… duh!

    Still, while it’s attractive for the student of history to point to one single moment and say “Aha!”, it’s moreso the case that the pendulums of time swing back and forth with longer intervals than are readily memorisable in the point-form digests characteristic of Confucian exams. We’ll do well to recall that, as far as “modern” “democratic” movements go, the Young Turks aka “Committee of Union and Progress” were actively undermining the admittedly decrepit Ottoman Sultanship – Abdülhamid II – before Lyndon Johnson was even born.

  4. If you’re rich, you’re eccentric. If you’re poor, you’re loco. You know this already, right, so what exactly is stopping you from applying this same logic outside of that one little domain ? It’s like you’re spending an hour a day in the gym and still taking the elevator up to your apartment.

    Speaking of fucking segregation :

    life is the bitch, and death is her sister
    sleep is the cousin, what a fuckin’ family picture
    you know father time, we all know mother nature
    it’s all in the family, but I am of no relation
    no matter who’s buying, I’m a celebration
    black and white diamonds, fuck segregation

    ~Lil Wayne.

  5. If the recipients of welfare were worth something, they’d provide for themselves, y’know ? And if their heads worked (ie. weren’t filled with government school shit), idem. Not that the overwhelming majority of them couldn’t work either – not like they and their communities wouldn’t be better off if they did – but with state-implemented minimum wage laws putting them out of work, their energetically economical choice is to do fuck all. So that’s what they do… to much detriment and even more tragedy. 

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