Ne placet Damnedeu que mi parent pur mei seient blasmet

Si l’orrat Carles, ferat l’ost returner,
Succurrat nos li reis od tut sun barnet.»
Respont Rollant: «Ne placet Damnedeu
Que mi parent pur mei seient blasmet
Ne France dulce ja cheet en viltet!
Einz i ferrai de Durendal asez,
Ma bone espee que ai ceint al costet :
Tut en verrez le brant ensanglentet.
Felun paien mar i sunt asemblez :
Jo vos plevis, tuz sunt a mort livrez.

“Comrade Rollanz, sound the olifant, I pray ;
If Charles hear, the host he’ll turn again ;
Will succour us our King and baronage.”
Answers Rollanz : “Never, by God, I say,
For my misdeed shall kinsmen hear the blame,
Nor France the Douce fall into evil fame!
Rather stout blows with Durendal I’ll lay,
With my good sword that by my side doth sway ;
Till bloodied o’er you shall behold the blade.
Felon pagans are gathered to their shame ;
I pledge you now, to death they’re doomed to-day.

Du Chanson de Roland (c. 1100).

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