From the scammer files: Anthony Di Iorio.

Two years ago there was a little event in Toronto called the Bitcoin Expo. I went. I lolled. Good times were had, almost the entirety at the expense of the therein assembled poseurs, wannabes, forumites, and conventionitesi who don’t have a WoT and therefore can’t be meaningfully said to exist anymore than the worms in your garden.

In any event, that was a lifetime ago in Bitcoin terms, so it was with some relish that I received this latest Nigerian telegramii from Anthony “I didn’t know you felt that way” Di Iorio (adnotated herebelow) :

Dear Peter

My name is Anthony Di Iorio,iii and I’m the CEO and Founder of Decentral & Jaxx,iv as well as Chief Digital Officer of TMX Group: Toronto Stock Exchange,v and a co-founder of I’m writing you with an exclusive offer to blockchain community members.

Toronto’s Decentral, an innovation hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies, along with Accelerate Finance, Ethereum Canada and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, is organizing the Blockchain World Expo, to be held September 19-21, 2016, in Toronto. This is sure to be a blockbuster event with Title Sponsor, TMX Group: Toronto Stock Exchange, Platinum Sponsors Deloittevii and Jaxx and Gold Sponsor Bloq.

This largest-of-its-kind, 3 day trade show will feature an unbelievable variety of exhibitors and blockchain specialists, with over 28 thought-provoking sessions and 50 distinguished blockchain speakers. Keynote speakers include:

  • myself;viii
  • Jeff Garzik,ix CEO and co-founder of Bloq; and
  • William Mougayar,x leading blockchain author and expert.

Hosted at Toronto’s stunning Sheraton Centre, the Expo will be this year’s premiere event for professionals to learn about the latest blockchain innovations, and make important new contacts in the industry.xi

It has always been Decentral’s goal to encourage blockchain education, use, and adoption in Canada, and this event is an example of our commitment to drive this technology forward. I’ve personally organized nearly 125 meetups and events centeredxii around decentralized technologies and have always recognized the importance of community outreach and involvement. I believe the Expo should be accessible to blockchain enthusiasts beyond the high-finance professionals because our Decentral community has been central to the growth of this emerging sector.xiii

For a limited time, Decentral mailing list members can take advantage of an unique opportunity to attend the Expo at a 73% discount off the regular ticket price. A limited number of Blockchain World Expo Community Member tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Priced at $400 USD,xiv The this offer represents a huge discount on the full $1500 USD Expo ticket price. Community Member tickets are selling fast and they’re running out, so be sure to get yours before it’s too late!xv

For more information about the event, and to buy tickets, visit Registration is easy! Take advantage of this one-of-a-kindxvi Community Member offer by clicking on Early Bird – General Admission, and apply the discount code (ID code) “DECENTRAL2016BWE.”

In addition, if you are part of a company and want to participate in the Expo as a sponsor or exhibitor, Please contact

For all other inquiries, Please feel free to contact


Anthony Di Iorio
Mobile: +1 416 831 9593
Skype: adiiorio

***If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, please click on unsubscribe to do so.***

If you’re going, be sure to have a laugh at Anthony’s expense for me.

Anthony, if you’re reading this, have you no shame ?xviii

___ ___ ___

Addendum (July 12) : After making the aforementioned exhibitor pricing inquiry, I finally received the following from “Matthew Brown” fully six days after my initial e-mail :

Hi Pete,

We are currently in the process of expanding the expo and are developing new opportunities. We should have our materials available by the end of the week. Please follow up and we can provide you the new sponsorship and exhibitors materials.

All the best,

It’s now been a further eight days since then. And no, if you want my money, I’m not going to beg you to take it. Under no circumstances am I following up with you. YOU CHASE ME BITCH. What the fuck is this, reverso-world ? You’d swear that this is the exact mechanism behind the Western World of Freedomnia’s devastatingly low birthrate : the dudes are sitting around waiting for the pussy to come to them! Why and wherefore ? Because rape (ie. taking what you want when you want) is unfair and mean and doubleplusungood mkay. That’s the whole of it. Make everything a conversation and watch your world die.
___ ___ ___

Further Addendum (July 13) : As if reading my mind (or my blog), Matthew Brown popped out of nowhere today and passed along the “Fintech and Blockchain World Expo 2016” Exhibitor Package. How does USD$ 2`500 for a general admission pass and USD$5`000 for a basic booth strike you ? A bit rich ? Hey, no one said that lolcow was getting cheaper to milk.

For one thing, I probably owe Matthew an apology for “not chasing me” in the event that I simply spoke too soon in negrating him, but I definitely owe him an apology if he read that prior addendum between last night and this morning and he was still a sufficiently consummate professional to be as civil as he was in today’s e-mail. Seriously now, the number of homegrown Canadian kidz who can take one on the chin is bordering on the non-existent. For another, Matt now fails to support my pet theory as to the laziness of scammerz these days.

If anything, I’m now at least considering a TMSR~ booth for the show.
___ ___ ___

Furtherer Addendum (Sept 15) : Well whaddya know. Pete said Anthony and his conpherences were dead as the dodo – or at least soooo 2014 – and looksee what happened! “Blockchain World Expo” POSTPONED INDEFINITELY with tickets refunded only upon request. And even then, who knows! If you’ve been scammed by Anthony again, you’ve no one to blame but yourself.
___ ___ ___

  1. “Conferences” are only conferences if you’re earning professional development credits. Otherwise, your little circlejerk is indistinguishable from Comic-Con, which is to say, a convention.
  2. He’s promising things in exchange for your money. Best deal for you, my friend! So he “actually delivers” some rubber chicken and some talking heads (one of which is his own) but does that really change anything ? The way I see it, Fat Tony is still raping you over the coals, enriching his corpulent ass with more adult braces money (really, what is he, Brasilian?!), and fraudulently maintaining the pretense of relevance in the cryptocurrency blockchain Bitcoin space, then he has his hand further up your anal cavity than he does his Ruskie puppet, the alien-headed Vitalik Buterin.
  3. I know who you are, fuckhead, just like you know who I am. What I don’t know is why the fuck I’m on your mailing list. But my tight sides thank you all the same!
  4. Jaxx is an online ETH/BTC wallet, the sort of thing suitable only if you have but a few bitcents to your name. If you have anything more than that, use TRB. Jaxx is a natural extension of Anthony’s first endeavour into the Bitcoin realm : Rush Wallet. It’s what it is.
  5. Is anyone else counting down the days until they turf Anthony’s ass from this cush position ? Seriously. The TSX wants to be relevant, I get that, it wants to “diversify” away from strictly natural resources-based listings, but this blind throwing of darts at “cryptocurrencies” and “blockchains” is necessarily a net drain on their resources for as long as they choose to affiliate themselves with known scammers like Fat Tony here. Besides, fiat and Bitcoin are pretty much immiscible – like the olive oil and balsamic Fat Tony dips his baguettes in – and the sooner TSX/TMX figures that out, the better for everyone.
  6. Anyone else remember that little scam ? It’s not going so well for them at the moment. Still, Anthony, until his dying scammer breath, will never give in!! He pre-mined too many coins (29.4%!) to give up now. But mark my words, his involvement with Ethereum will be his undoing. Mark my words : it can be no other way. His head will be another trophy for TMSR~.
  7. No surprise perhaps. Deloitte has already proven that they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.
  8. You know who’s distinguished ? MEEE!!! You know who’s thought-provoking ? MEEEEEEE!!!!1 You know who’s a keynote speaker at his own conpherence ? MEMMEMEMEMEMEMEMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!1!!1 Ayayay…
  9. Garzikcoin was sunk by TMSR~ so I guess he’s on to “Bloq” or whatever. No different from Gavin “moving on” to MIT. Same shit. Same unwashable stink.
  10. Never heard of him. Nothing in the logs either. Yet this dude is “top 3” ?? Ouch.
  11. “Make important new contacts in the industry,” for the unaware and stably employed, is code for “bring your resume and your redditard credentials in the hopes that some VC-backed ponzi scam needs your special trainflake services for their ‘social media manager’ position.”
  12. That’s not how Canadians spell “centred” ya fuck.
  13. Anyone have any proof to back up this patently ridiculous claim ? Because as far as I can see, the “Decentral community” has been central to the growth of scams of this emerging sector. If your head is still stuck in fiatland, then sure, “growth is growth,” but Ponzi economics do not a strong economy make, nor a Bitcoin economy make. Nice try though, Barnacle Bernie.
  14. Lest you think that $200k in ticket fees isn’t worth the trouble for this well-seasoned scammer, recall that Ethereum didn’t have that much more thrown at it by actual scammees. The entirety of the poloniex ‘book value’ for the thinly-veiled and thinly-traded charade was, and is, highly manipulated.
  15. Act now and we’ll throw in two tickets! Oh wait, that was the late-night infomercial schtick. Close enough.
  16. This deal is one-of-a-kind! Just like you, you special little trainflake.
  17. After 24 hours, Matthew has still not replied to my request for a sponsor and exhibitor price list.
  18. The shame, oh the shame!
    have you no shame?

12 thoughts on “From the scammer files: Anthony Di Iorio.

  1. Pete D. says:

    Shloopdated. The saga continueth.

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  4. Pete D. says:

    Well whaddya know. Pete said Anthony and his conpherences were dead as the dodo – or at least soooo 2014 – and looksee what happened! “Blockchain World Expo” POSTPONED INDEFINITELY with tickets refunded only upon request. And even then, who knows! If you’ve been scammed by Anthony again, you’ve no one to blame but yourself.

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  6. Mitchell says:

    Lol, who could have predicted?!

    • Pete D. says:

      Precisely five months ahead of the curve, to the day! Oh that’s just fucking precious.

      And, shocker of shockers, icing of icing on cakes, his little conpherence here is still on hold. God it’s good to be alive.

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