A trucking good time.

Trucks and oil-rich countries go together like high school sluts and vodka coolers. It’s symbiosis at its summit.

In that spirit, here are some of the gems of motoring found in Alberta, that you might glimpse the horrors and wonders of Truck Country living. First, a paradoxical mix of feminine and masculine aesthetics – pink on a pick-up combined with a holistic health practitioner busting the environmentaltard correlations. Reiki for your rig pigs.

Pink Reiki Ford F-150

Dodge basically makes the most unreliable pieces of shit this side of the F-35 program. So if you’re looking to either face the Zombie Apocalypse head-on or to flee in abject terror in the other direction, you’ll want a Toyota. Just like the real terrorists from ISIS on upwards.

Zomebie Response Team Dodge Nitro

She should really get that checked out because that’s just not healthy. Might even be cysts.

My Ovaries Are Bigger Dodge Ram 1500

The Mercedes MB100D aka Model type 631 was manufactured from 1981 to 1995 at the Merc plant in Spain. I didn’t check the VIN for the year, but even the later models can be legally imported into Canada. Where as the United States of Creeps only permits importation of cars older than 25 years, Canada permits just 15-year-old models. Either way, this harkens back to the glory days for the German firm and it’s satisfying to see them still on the road. Sexy teal too.

Mercedes MB100D

Can anyone explain to me what the Canadian Civil Defence Museum Association is doing with a Ram 1500 and what appears to be a giant air raid siren mounted in the box ? Are preppers really this nuts ??!

Canadian Civil Defence Museum Association Dodge Ram 1500

Lastly, we have almost a perfect cube of a Ford Bronco restored with all the curbside appeal essentials including bolt-on fenders, racing buckets with harnesses, two light bars, hood vent, a full-size spare in the microscopic box, 1′ suspension lift, and tires that come up to my chest.

Ford Bronco Redux

Texas of the North, indeed.

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