The golden toilet that had to be.

asciilifeform: ‘When any U.S. telecommunications company wishes to install a physical fiber optic connection, and that connection cross into or out of the national borders of the United States, the company which terminates the fiber, in what is called a “landing” is required under federal law to obtain an “International Landing” license, and this is done via the Federal Communications Commission, and there is ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS, an unclassified version of the license and then a classified addendum to the agreement. The company who seek the license will be assigned a classified compartments code name that will be “Top Secret/ESI” with the ESI standing for “Extremely Sensitive Information” as disclosure could directly lead to economic devastation to the company, and their involvement must be kept secret.’ ‘At Tuckerton, Lynn, and other sites, since just after 9/11/2001 if you place a call from Washington, DC to Boston, the call does not actually get sent over underground cables inside the United States, but rather the call gets injected into an international landing site, and routed to Great Britain, and then sent back to the same U.S. Landing location, essentially being a loopback in the UK. Because the loopback caused the signal to be transmitted over a U.S. border, then legally the NSA/CIA/SCS will claim that it then falls into an international transmission and that they are justified in performing an intercept, even though it is a domestic call, but because it was shot out of the United States over an international loopback. Another wrinkle is because this loopback to the UK, the British government will also intercept it at the loopback point, so that the call gets shared by two independent espionage entities.’ Old nyooz to connoisseurs, but lulzy.

pete_d: Seems like a lot of busyworki to circumvent own rule, which I suppose only goes to show that is the controlling point. Head would never do this to self, ergo no head.
a111: Logged on 2016-06-10 18:02 mircea_popescu: it’s dogvomit, not a vole. it has no head.

asciilifeform: 1 set of rules for public/low-cleared grunts, another – for eloi. Elementary.ii
pete_d: This is Meta-NSA argument.

asciilifeform: Meta-NSA ~exists~. Even has own www site… see l0gz.iii
pete_d: ie. ‘RSA pill really exists, just you wait until they drop bomb’.

pete_d: $google trilema meta-nsa
deedbot: << NSA stores metadata of millions of web users for up to a year, secret … | << No Such lAbs (S.NSA), April 2016 Statement on Trilema – A blog by … | << Phew, NSA Is Just Collecting Metadata. (You Should Still Worry …

pete_d: Well that search was useless.iv
asciilifeform: Pissing on law is a pretty elementary superpower.

pete_d: But then why use superpower so inefficiently ? It’s like ‘I have X-Ray vision, but only when I look at this angled mirror at you’.v Why not just look directly at specimen ?
asciilifeform: Because you want to maintain the pretense of ‘rule of law’ ?

pete_d: But that begs the question : why is this loop-di-loop necessary to maintain the pretense ? And does it even maintain the pretense ?
asciilifeform: Considering that the whole ministry hasn’t been closed down and personnel – jailed as members of a criminal org – I’d say the pretense is

pete_d: Not exactly… inmates in asylum also maintain pretense of sanity ? because everyone else on the outside is pointing and laughing.
asciilifeform: Asylum with infinite funding and heavy weapons.

pete_d: Weapons too heavy to lift and paper of such poor quality even the knock-off artists on the other side of the pacific don’t want it. Nice story, but just a story.
asciilifeform: And them packetz diddle themselves aha lol.

pete_d: Maybe I’m thick but how is packet diddling ‘heavy weapons’ ? Unless I’m mistaken, this is within alf’s modest ability, and he is not statal superpower.
asciilifeform: At every fiber landfall?
pete_d: Any, not every.
asciilifeform: Or any.vii 

asciilifeform: I can’t speak for pete_d , but I don’t have a diddler staff hut at even one…
mircea_popescu: Soon enough, once we complete the UTI. Am I the only one that’s very amused by this joke ? guess so huh. You also don’t have to dispense shitty cheese to a bunch of deeply retarded, profoundly useless, schmucks with pretensions. you’re acting as if they’re doing that, or any other thing, for fucking fun. it’s not for fun. they’re doing that, like everything else, for the same reason : they perceive they gotta do something ; dunno how to do anything useful or effectual and so this is what’s left. The optionality of the state is just about zero. Throughout. No exceptions. No meta-bullshit. From Petraeus to the last grunt, zero, nada. Nothing.

pete_d has seen this utter dearth of optionality with own eyes, from inside. ‘No fun’ doesn’t begin to describe it. The mere suggestion that the state can ~do~ things that private individuals can is misleading and farcical. ‘Golden toilet’ is only a thing because state can’t even make basic toilet. It doesn’t ~want~ toilet made of precious metals, it just can’t find its way to a more efficient solution.

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  1. “Busywork” is exactly those grade 4 ‘title pages’ that your teacher made you craft for the class unit on Japan. So you drew a panda bear eating bamboo, a rising sun, and the big five-letter title and called it a day. Some kids drew immaculate artwork (for a 9yo) that covered every square millimeter of the 8.5″ x 11″ and featured precisely researched and replicated Japanese artwork and cultural symbolism. Those kids are now your dentists. Some kids drew their names on the page in a font equal to that of “Japan”… with a highlighter… and they misspelled their own names. Those kids now work for the government, perhaps leaning against a shovel, but perhaps “affirmatived” into a desk job, maybe even one involving c0de.
  2. It’s elementary for all bedtime storybooks to follow this arc. Here’s how : first, you either sneak past (or violently slay, if that fails) the guards at the gate. Then, impersonating the said same guards, you trick the bridge guards to let down the drawbridge. Then, once the drawbridge is down, you run across it as quickly as possible while fending off the flying pirhanagators as they whizzz past your ears, snapsnapsnapping at your head. Then, once you’re inside the castle walls, you have to overcome first the grabby panhandlers, then the shooing shopkeepers, then the skeptical guildsmen, before making your way to the inner sanctum, killing the last few guards and coming face-to-face at last with your dearly beloved princess whom you’ve never met but will now proceed to rape take all the same. But not before her 60yo Schwarzenegger of a father comes lunging at you with battle axe in-hand and the overprotective crazy eye of a father who can’t stand that his daughter’s a turbo-slut because it reminds him too much of his dearly departed wife, her mother, who died in childbirth.

    In storybooklandia, the father immediately sees that you’re one of the eloi and bows down to you instead of chopping your head off there and then, even going so far as to give you a guided tour of his daughter’s fetching anatomy before you have your way with her while he plays the harp in the corner. In the real world, you’re going to have to kill the old man to get to the girl regardless of who you think you are and what you call yourself. To him : you’re just another schmuck. Same as the last.

    There’s only one set of rules.

  3. ?
  4. I was looking for the seminal Pushing the soft tender flesh of a friend against the sharp rotating blades of the immutable machine.
  5. Or better yet : I can fly, but only when I’m inside an airplane.
  6. The etatists are already in jail. Just ask them. Seriously, walk into the capital city of no somos pobres norteamericanos and ask them how it feels. You might be surprised by their frankly dim world views – dimmer, even, than formal inmates in similarly low-security pens.
  7. Well no, not “or” anything. It’s any. As in, Alf/TMSR~ could execute the same packet diddling operation at any location the USSA could. There is no “every.” There needn’t be. It’s maximally inefficient, which is why the Busybodies do it and we don’t. They need the jobs (and associated forms, in triplicate). We don’t.

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