Wrip Wrap.

wrip wrap

A wrip wrap a-wrippity-wrap-wrap a wrip-wrap-wrippity-do. If you think that you are great, a wrip-wrap-wrippity-do!

BTW, do you have any idea how much a quality wrap goes for these days ? It’s give or take the cost of a tailored men’s suit. Or a weekend in Banff. It’s nuts.

niko wrap, may 23, 2016 - 3

Turns out that not all Starbucks-drinking,i baby wearing, ponytail-sporting young men are flaming libertards. Who could have predicted that statistics wouldn’t apply to individuals ?

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  1. Once or twice a month. Hey, it’s better than Tim Horton’s. Even if neither can touch my morning’s French press with a ten-foot pole.

3 thoughts on “Wrip Wrap.

  1. brendafdez says:

    Hah. Statistics are for poorfags.

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