Why travel ? Why search ? Why fight ? Why fuck ?
Why soar ? Why sail ? Why pound that round butt ?

Why read ? Why sing ? Why die for what’s right ?
Why dance ? Why write ? Why smash her all night ?

Not to put pins on boards. Not to score higher grades.
Not to “get exercise.” Not to get that next raise.

Not to buy spangly baubles. Not to impress the beoble.
Not to fit in with the masses. Not give it to leechers.

But to matter. To mean. To lead the right team.
Don’t put skin in the game just to follow some scheme.

So love and hate and explore and live more ;
And squeeze and savour God’s flavours in scores.

Not for others. Not rationality. Not the greater good. What banality.
But for you. Be true. It’s the path you must choose.
Take it from me. A tree. I’ve seen much more than thee.

Life well lived is a beech.

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