Outsourcing fever.

As justly befits a Nation of Africa, La Repubblica is reporting that Chinese police officers are at long last patrolling the cobblestoned streets of Roma e Milano in an alleged effort to keep Chinese tourists “feeling safe” but more likely than not because the Han are the only ones with anything you might call a stiff upper lip. Calling the extraterritorial expansion of disciplinary force an “experiment,” the Chinese officers will maintain their conventional uniforms, visually differentiating themselves from their orcish “colleagues.”

No word on whether outsourcing first industrial manufacturing and now tourist protection services to China will soon lead to outsourcing of bumhole protection services, missile launch code protection services, or perhaps even the outfitting of your pointlessly armoured car.

Sorry for your loss.


2 thoughts on “Outsourcing fever.

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  2. […] up-front, but you can’t fucking outsource thinking and doing anymore than you can outsource violence. At least not if your independence and survival are anywhere on your priority list. If Canada has […]

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